Introduction to The Eight Extraordinary Meridians Training

July 23, 2024

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Introduction to The Eight Extraordinary Meridians Training

with Lee Holden Streaming Live Online in HD

Have you ever heard of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians? They are NOT the 12 primary meridians you may be familiar with.

The two you might know are the Du Mai and Ren Mai. They make up the Microcosmic Orbit. Another is Chong Mai. It Influences the uterus, abdomen, legs, and hips.

Each of these is part of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians—eight inner “reservoirs” that hold very potent healing and life-giving energy. They support the 12 primary meridians but are often skimmed over in the Traditional Chinese Medicine school system.

In the Introduction to the Eight Extraordinary Meridians Training on July 23rd, Lee will guide you on a discovery of these fascinating reservoirs and the potent healing energy they hold. By tapping into this powerful source, you supercharge your body with the animating force that gives you purpose and aligns you with your spirit.

Lee will teach you a sample meditation, Qi Gong, and acupressure exercises to tap into at least one of them. (You will tap into all eight in the upcoming Eight Extraordinary Meridians Online Course.)

You’ll also learn more about the upcoming live course to see if it’s right for you. In the course, you’ll dive deeper into the Eight Extraordinary Meridians than you ever would in most Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture schools.

This training is suitable for all skill levels. That said, tapping into the Eight Extraordinary Meridians and their unique energy is an intermediate to advanced practice. So, it’ll be helpful if you have a basic understanding of meridians before you take this training.

The Introduction to The Eight Extraordinary Meridians Training is free, stay tuned for more details!

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July 23, 2024

10 a.m. Pacific Time


Online Only - Live on Zoom

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