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Qi Gong for Better Sleep

June 24, 2018

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Qi Gong for Better Sleep

with Lee Holden In-Person and Streaming Live Online in HD   A good night's sleep works magic on your physical health, mood, and mental clarity. More and more, scientist from the East and West, are proving how sleep is vitally important to a happy and healthy life. Roughly 60 million Americans are affected by sleep disorders each year. Few people realize just how debilitating sleep deprivation can be.   Good sleep transforms fatigue into vitality, emotional stress into inspiration, and mental turbulence into clarity and focus. In this workshop, Lee Holden helps transition from a hectic day, letting go of daily stress and replacing that tension with relaxation, tranquility, and inner peace.   In Qi Gong, we describe two kinds of energy - Yin and Yang. Yang energy is the what we need to get things done, the energy of activity, work, and play. Yin is the energy of relaxation, meditation, and sleep. Sleep disorders in Chinese Medicine are often described as yin deficient. Meaning, when yin energy is depleted, people find it hard to sleep. This is why in Qi Gong it is said, “Don’t go to sleep if you don’t have enough energy.” If you are depleted of yin energy, it’s hard to fall asleep, the mind becomes overly active, and people tend to wake up after only a few hours of sleep.   Participants in this workshop will learn:
  • Stress clearing exercises for the end of the day
  • Relaxation techniques for deep rest
  • Flowing movements to cultivate Yin energy
  • Healing sounds to do before bed to promote deep sleep
  • Stretches that clear lines of tension
  Sleep is the energy of life. You spend one third of your life doing it. Learn healthy sleep habits for improved energy, health and longevity.   Can't make it live?  You'll Have 1 Month to Watch the Replay We will post a replay video of the workshop within a few days of the event, which you will have access to for 30 days.You won't miss a thing, whether you just can't make it live on Sunday, or your internet is slow that day. Please note - if you normally have trouble buffering high definition videos online, the live event may not be a good fit for you. Please allow us 3-5 days to post the video online. ALL participants will get an email with a link to the replay.

Date & Time

June 24, 2018

1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time


Santa Cruz Chi Center
1119 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

Also available online (live-streamed plus replay)

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