Microcosmic Orbit Workshop - Holden QiGong

Microcosmic Orbit Workshop

June 7, 2020

About this event

Microcosmic Orbit Workshop

with Lee Holden

A 3-Hour Virtual Workshop with Lee Holden. Streamed Live Online in HD.

The Microcosmic Orbit is a powerful energetic practice that moves energy through the “Sea of Yin” and the “Sea of Yang.”  

These two channels are considered the two most powerful energy pathways in the body.

Similar to the “Chakras” from India, the Microcosmic Orbit activates energy through the seven main centers of the body.

Also known as the “Small Heavenly Circle,” the Microcosmic Orbit mirrors the movement of what is going on in the Universe all around us. Everything in this universe is in motion and spins in orbits. By mirroring the movements of the universe, practitioners tune into divine wisdom, universal truth, a higher power, and allow that energy to flow through the mind and body.

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We will post a replay video of the workshop within a few days of the event in your Media Library, where you will have access for online viewing or download the video. You won't miss a thing, whether you just can't make it live on Sunday, or your internet is slow that day.

Please note - if you normally have trouble buffering high definition videos online, the live event may not be a good fit for you.

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Please note: due to the current coronavirus situation, all of our workshops will be offered live online via Livestream and Zoom. IF we receive the "all clear" notice in time for any of our workshops we will allow students to attend "in-person" if it feels safe to do so. For now, please plan on attending online via Livestream or Zoom.

Date & Time

June 7, 2020

1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time


Santa Cruz Chi Center
1119 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

Also available online (live-streamed plus replay)

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