Qi Gong for Visualization & Manifestation Workshop

Discover How to Use Your Mind to Manifest Boundless Energy, Confidence in Your Body, and Abundance in All Forms

Intention is an energy, a force like gravity that influences the world around us.

In Qi Gong, it is said that “the mind leads the Qi.” To lead the Qi in the direction that you want requires clear intent. In Chinese, intent is translated as “Yi,” which signifies “mind, eye, heart power.”

Mind signifies the power of attention and where you put your focus. Eye represents inner vision. And heart is the emotion, energy, passion behind this vision.

When all three are lined up, your intent becomes powerful… and you can manifest boundless energy and confidence in your body, and abundance in all forms.

Join Lee Holden for a powerful, three-hour deep dive into manifestation. Learn how to create abundant health that makes you radiate from within… happiness, joy, and communion with your deepest soul family… and deeper connection with your existing partner, or to finally call in your soul mate, your “Twin Flame.”

Let 2020 be the year you unleash your soul’s mission, open up your creative ability, and attract abundance in all its forms.

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