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Taoist Sexual Secrets

Taoist Sexual Secrets is Not Just a Workshop About Sex

It is a workshop of Qi Gong, sexual alchemy and advanced taoist sexual practices.

Practices you can use to increase your pleasure when making love… deepen your connection to your partner (and yourself…) and harness your sexual energy for spiritual growth.

In the Tao, it’s said that healing can happen through pain (think surgery) or through pleasure (think massage or intimacy with a loving partner.)

Sexual energy is a healing elixir and the Taoist healers recognized it as such. It not only heals the body, but also heals emotional imbalances, relationship stress and spiritual disconnection.

So if you are interested in healing with pleasure… If you’re interested in transmuting raw sexual energies into higher forms of energy… if you are interested in power, enlightenment and becoming a higher sexual being…

Taoist Sexual Secrets is for you.

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