The new year is a time for reflecting on the past and moving forward with renewed vision. It’s an opportunity to take a step back and ask important questions, as well as for finding new answers that can help to guide us into the future.

As a practice that is driven by self-awareness and personal cultivation, Qi Gong is an amazing practice for welcoming the new year. Today, we’ll talk about how Qi Gong can help us to find our path and move forward with strength and confidence.

Internal and External Alignment


How can Qi Gong help us to manifest the life that we want? To answer that question, we have to start by examining what it is that we truly want. For most of us, the answer to that question often relates to external circumstances that we want to cultivate. Some of these may include a new job, a better relationship, or a nicer house. However, Qi Gong helps us to remember that we are the master of our own experience and that nothing is more important than the internal realities that drive our feelings.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking to improve our external circumstances, but it’s essential to also look at what lives within us. Each external reality has an internal manifestation. For example, the desire for a loving and passionate relationship may reflect one’s internal state of having love to share and joy to celebrate. Wanting a new job may reflect that our creative Qi has become stagnant, and seeking excessive material possessions may indicate that internally our self-esteem is suffering.

As the previous examples suggest, some external desires are healthy and authentic. For others (such as the desire for excessive material possessions), our motivation may disappear once we realize that the answer lies only within ourselves. In either case, Qi Gong can help us to realize what desires are serving us, and which are leading us away from our truest path forward.

In most cases, when we’re struggling with something externally, it’s because our internal energy is not yet ready for the challenges we’re facing. Therefore, in Qi Gong we seek to cultivate the internal qualities that will help us to be our truest self, as well as prepare us to deal with with the external world in a healthy and competent way.

Intention: The Mind Leads the Qi


Some of our greatest gifts are health, vitality, and abundant energy. When these are flourishing within us, it becomes easier to thrive in our external world. Indeed, all outward expression or accomplishment originates from the energy that flows within us.

Qi Gong is the practice of working with that energy to cultivate what we want to bring into the world. Of course, to achieve many of our goals we’ll need to take action, but everything starts with a clear intention. Qi Gong can help us to bring that intention to life.

There’s saying in Qi Gong: Mind leads the Qi. In other words, how we work with our mind will have a powerful impact on where our energy goes. If we want health, we’ll need to orientate our mind towards healthy choices such as eating well and getting ample exercise. If we want to start a new project, we’ll need to find ways to harness our creative energy and tap into our inspirations.

Once we’ve realized the intentions we want to cultivate, our awareness naturally starts to create a process for where our energy gathers. This also means that it’s important to avoid negative thought patterns that lead us away from our truest path.  

Using Qi Gong to Manifest Intentions


Qi Gong teaches us movements that embody powerful intentions for transformation and growth. Whether we want to excel in our job or cultivate a new relationship, Qi Gong offers practices to help us realize our intentions. Most practitioners start off by following along to a teacher’s routine, and the result is often more energy and less stress.

Although it’s great to start off by following another practitioner, there’s a major turning point when you can pick the practices that are best for you. Let’s face it, each one of us has our own set of intentions and goals. Therefore, there’s a lot of value in being able to choose the practices that are perfect for your individual needs.

At Holden QiGong, we offer several different immersion programs to help you explore some of Qi Gong’s most important lessons. Each immersion program teaches both the intellectual lessons as well as the practices to embody the wisdom. This allows you to really be able to understand your practice on an entirely new level and draw from a wide breadth of practices.

Lee’s immersion programs span several key topics and discuss how we can manifest many of the most important intentions that every human can relate to. Some of these include love, physical health, emotional balance, creativity, and spiritual clarity, just to name a few.

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By Ian Drogin