Acupressure & Meridians for Self-Healing Workshop


Give Your Body a Powerful “Nudge” Toward Healing
Acupressure is a 2,000-year-old method used to send a signal to the body to “turn on” its own self-healing powers. Normally, Qi (life-force energy) circulates through energy pathways in the body called meridians. Blockages of this flow can cause illness and pain. Acupressure helps restore the flow of Qi through the meridians in your body… which helps return your body to its natural state of well-being.

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What You’ll Learn in The Acupressure & Meridians for Self-Healing Workshop:

  • How to use acupressure like an energetic “first aid kit.” You can use what you learn to help relieve pain and activate your body’s self-healing powers at any time.
  • A unique combination of both acupressure and Qi Gong to amplify the healing effects of both practices.
  • Which acupressure points to use to help relieve yourself (and others) from common ailments such as headaches, immune system imbalance, low back pain, and more.
  • How to massage the points and for how long… and how often to repeat the massage for the most effect.
  • Learn to identify certain pains, where they are coming from, and how to treat them with acupressure.
  • How to self-treat your own aches and pains with acupressure and Qi Gong.
  • Learn to self-treat (or help others with) back pain, sciatica, neck pain, upper back pain, lower back, knee, and shoulder pain by using specific acupressure point combinations.
  • How to find the points on your body and how to activate them for self-healing with Qi Gong and acupressure.

Running Time: 3 hours 6 minutes 5 seconds
Workshop Date:November 8th, 2020
The workshop videos are available in both streaming and downloadable from your Holden QiGong Media Library.

Tip: Consult your health care professional before using this wellness program.
The instruction presented herein is not intended to be a substitute for medical counseling.