On December 13th, 2020, Lee’s partner, Heddy, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Harper Rae Holden. 

As any parent knows, there is nothing more magical than bringing a tiny new person into this world. Of all the expressions of energy transformation and manifestation, none is more miraculous than the alchemy that creates life.

Being a parent means that you’re on a journey that leads you through a vast variety of emotions and experiences. Sometimes, the path is full of excitement and joy. At other times, it can be deeply challenging and difficult. And then, there are those rare times when your child completely blows your mind and reframes your sense of reality.

The latter would be the experience for most people in Lee and Heddy’s position. However, because Lee is no stranger to the miracles of Qi, they weren’t totally shocked when baby Harper started to exhibit unique qualities that are almost unheard of in children.

Before talking more about adorable Harper, it’s important to discuss the flow of Qi from parents to their children. In Lee’s classes, he teaches about the differences between prenatal Qi and postnatal Qi. 

Prenatal Qi is the life-force energy that you inherit from your parents. It’s often referred to as “original” Qi because it is the origin of your entire being and makes up the foundation of your entire being.

Postnatal Qi is the energy that you acquire through your life experiences. For this reason, it is referred to as “acquired” Qi. When you practice Qi Gong, you are cultivating postnatal Qi.

In general, it’s difficult to change your prenatal Qi (it would kind of be like changing your DNA). However, it’s much more common to be able to influence your childrens’ prenatal Qi…

When a person is completely dedicated and committed to Qi Gong, they often build an immense store of postnatal Qi. When they have a baby, that abundance of energy can transfer directly to their child in the form of prenatal Qi.

As many of us know, Lee has been practicing Qi Gong every day for more than 30 years now, which has led to an abundance of energy stored in his Lower Tan Tien. Based on the behaviors and characteristics of baby Harper, it seems clear that she inherited the lifetime of Qi cultivation that Lee has been experiencing.

Baby Harper’s Qi Powers…

It all started one night a few weeks after Harper entered the world.

One evening, Lee was finishing a two-hour-long Buddha Palm practice in his living room while baby Harper watched him from her crib. At this point, she was about three weeks old and had an adorable smile on her tiny face. As Lee finished his practice, he walked over to Harper and picked her up in his arms.

Father and daughter smiled with joy as each looked into the other’s eyes. Lee rocked her gently and Harper’s smile got bigger. They were in perfect harmony with one another.

After a few moments, Lee noticed that Harper’s weight was no longer resting on his arms; she was hovering a few centimeters above his hands. Golden light surrounded her head and her smile continued to shine brighter than ever.

Lee’s mind flashed to an ancient text he had come across while studying an obscure form of Qi Gong in the mountains of China. He recalled reading about the almost mythical experience known as Taovashni, whereby a Qi master’s child could channel their parent’s energy in order to levitate or perform other unusual activities.

Lee knew that he was experiencing something extremely rare that resulted from Lee’s two-hour Buddha Palm practice combined with Harper’s predisposition to Qi sensitivity. Other than reading about this almost 30 years ago, Lee had never heard of anyone actually experiencing Taovashni.

That was the first incident of Harper’s Qi powers, but by no means the last… 

Two days later, Lee was enjoying one of his routine bike rides in the Santa Cruz mountains. It had just rained and the sun was shining. Toward the end of his bike ride, Lee let go of the brakes as he coasted down a familiar hill. He felt the fresh air rush across his skin as he picked up speed. 

At the bottom of the hill, the tire of his bike slid out in a muddy puddle and Lee found himself hurling through the air and landed with a thud on his left shoulder. He felt calm, but he could tell that his arm was badly bruised. After getting back up, Lee walked his bike back to his car and drove home.

Two hours later, Lee sat in his kitchen with his arm in a sling and an ice pack over his shoulder. He took some slow, deep breaths and did a brief healing meditation. When he opened his eyes, he noticed that Harper was looking up at him from her crib.

Harper’s gaze immediately gave Lee a great big smile as he stared back at her. For a few moments, Lee and Harper looked into each other’s eyes. It was clear to Lee that both he and Harper were feeling a deep sense of connection and love.

Then, Lee experienced another feeling flow through him. As he looked into Harper’s eyes, he started to feel a warm, healing energy flow from his baby daughter and channel through his own body. He could tell that the healing energy was being transmitted through their eye contact.

Lee held his gaze and little Harper started to giggle. As she laughed, Lee felt pulsations of warmth circulate through him and gather at his injured shoulder. A sensation of buzzing electricity built and grew at his shoulder and his pain started to subside. With each passing minute, he could tell that the stagnant Qi was dissipating and his arm was being nourished by healing energy. 

After about ten minutes, Lee felt confident that his arm was healed. He removed the ice pack and took off the sling he was wearing. Then, he moved his arm and rubbed it gently with his opposite hand.

All gone! The pain had completely disappeared and it was like the fall had never happened. Throughout Lee’s career, he’s experienced some pretty incredible healing stories, but never any that have been as immediate and powerful as this one with his daughter.

Harper seemed delighted at her healing success and continued to giggle gently as Lee picked her up and gave her a great big kiss. 

Lee and Heddy feel grateful that their child is blessed with such innate Qi powers, but Lee also knows that he has his work cut out for him. As soon as Harper is old enough, Lee intends to work with her to ensure that she’s able to fully cultivate her gifts and flourish.

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APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!! 

Harper has not been able to levitate or heal injuries through eye contact (yet ;). However, she does have the superpower of being extremely adorable! We hope that this blog post brought you some laughter and helped to elevate your Heart Qi. 🙂