Dror Sinai

I was healed in few seconds with no physical contact! My healer and teacher explained he was using Chi Gong (Qi Gong), energy work. I was so excited to receive a better life back and learning to better myself and help others heal… I wanted to learn more about Chi Gong. I was blessed to joined a Chi Gong Class with the amazing Lee Holden, and never left :) It became a part of my lifestyle. Playing Chi Gong regularly has elevated my quality of life physically, mentally, spiritually… Most everyone is able to play chi gong, no experience necessary, no special tools no special clothes… just ourselves, in the moment We put in so little compared to what we receive, immediate and in the long run…. I teach in person and online, including individuals, couples, groups, team building, personal growth… he Magic of the Flow…
Santa Cruz, California
United States
Dror Sinai
Holden QiGong Certified Teacher
Tier 1: 200 Hours
Certified Since 2019
Tier 1


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Santa Cruz, California United States