Thanks for Registering for the Three Treasures Online Course! Want to Attend The Three Treasures Immersion Retreat for 50% Off?

Thanks for registering for the Three Treasures Online Course!

We’ve found many students enjoy having the online version of the course as well as attending the in-person retreat.

So we just wanted to let you know:

Now that you have the Three Treasures Online Course, you can attend the Three Treasures Immersion Retreat for 50% off (normally $1197, you save $598.50).

What’s the benefit of attending the in-person retreat?

The biggest benefit of attending an in-person retreat is to experience your Qi Gong practice in a group. You can get the same experience if you attend a class… but there is something unique about going deep with a group of like-minded people for five days.

There’s a particular “energy” you create when you practice together in a group… which is the same reason why Qi Gong is practiced in groups in China: it amplifies the effects of the practice.

Retreats are also a great way to meet new, like-minded friends. Students often create lifelong connections at our immersion retreats.

Now you might be wondering what the difference is between the course and the retreat.

The answer is, The Three Treasures Immersion Retreat covers basically the same material that is in the Three Treasures Online Course. The only difference is that the content is condensed into five immersive days (and is taught live, of course).

However, each retreat is different… with its own “flavor.” What do we mean?

Well, depending on the group, Lee will tailor what he teaches to fit the experience level of group. That means if you go through the online course before the retreat, you can have Lee go much deeper into the flows, exercises, and concepts he presents in the course (with breaks for lunch, tea, and biological needs of course).

Now that you’ve registered for the online Three Treasures Course, when you register for the Three Treasures Immersion Retreat you’ll get everything in the online course, plus:

  • $598.50 off the normal Three Treasures Immersion Retreat price ($1197)
  • Five days of in-person training with Lee
  • The ability to change the dates of your training (for no extra fee)

And there’s no need to decide now.

Since you have the online course, you can take any Three Treasures retreat at any time and get the discount… but if you’d like to register for a retreat now, just click the button below to register for just $598.50.  

We have One Three Treasure Immersion Retreats coming up in 2019:

  • The Three Treasures Immersion Retreat | 2020 Dates TBA in Santa Cruz, CA
  • Or register for a future Three Treasures Immersion Retreat – Dates to be determined


To join, just click the button below and select the Immersion Retreat dates you want. If you don’t know what dates work, just select one date and you can change your mind later. Just let our support team know and we’ll change your registration for no extra fee.