Martin Luther King Jr. was a shining example of someone who applied the principles of Qi Gong directly to his life. He cultivated a strong connection to higher truth and was deeply in touch with the energies of love and compassion. He knew how to dream and set intentions, as well as how to manifest his vision in the world. We can all be grateful for the positive and significant way in which he changed the world.

Although MLK may have not been a Qi Gong practitioner in the traditional sense, he was certainly very skillful at working with energy. By doing so, he played an instrumental role in transforming the world for the better.

To honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., we’ve dedicated this blog to exploring the energetic qualities that the civil rights leader embodied.

Living from the Heart

Within each person lies a set of qualities that makes them who they are. In Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, we seek to understand these qualities on a deeper level.

For MLK, it’s not difficult to realize that his heart energy was strong and vibrant. 

In Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, heart energy is connected to the qualities of compassion, love, and service. Additionally, when heart energy is strong, it becomes easier to escape individualistic thinking to and see the ‘big picture’ in life.

MLK demonstrated a profound abundance of heart Qi. 

His passion for social justice was driven by love and compassion. He cared deeply about the wellbeing of others and fought tirelessly to serve humanity. Despite the fact that he faced extreme injustice and hatred, he managed to avoid being consumed by the ‘negative’ qualities associated with the heart, including depression and despair.

MLK’s connection to heart energy also allowed him to maintain perspective and see the interconnectedness of all things. Instead of advocating for ‘anger-based’ actions such as revenge or violence, he preached for brotherhood and sisterhood. His ability to transcend aggression was as revolutionary as it was powerful.

Strong Liver Qi

In addition to having strong heart Qi, Martin Luther King Jr. also demonstrated an abundance of liver Qi, which is often activated by injustice.

The liver is connected to the Wood Element, which enables people to set boundaries, work toward goals, feel confident, and have strong convictions. Of course, MLK clearly embodied each of these qualities.

Just as MLK resisted the ‘negative’ qualities of the heart, he did the same with the Liver and Wood element.  

The Liver and Wood element can also be associated with anger, frustration, and resentment. However, instead of letting those qualities get the best of him, MLK managed to work skillfully with his energy (Qi Gong) in order to cultivate the positive and constructive qualities that each element embodies.

Skillfully Sharing Qi With the World

As Qi Gong practitioners, we’re always seeking to cultivate and refine our own energy. After all, changing one’s self is the first step to changing the world. 

In addition to feeling better within one’s self, there is another reason to cultivate internal energy. Whatever energy is within, you will naturally emanate it outward and blend it with the collective energy of the world around you.

In the case of MLK, he shared an extremely powerful form of Qi that elevated the entire world. 

MLK was unwavering in his connection with higher truth. His vision penetrated the false separation and hatred that was plaguing the world, and he shared his views with such confidence that many were inspired to join him. His love and compassion were felt by millions, erroding separateness and creating unity. Although not everyone was ready to receive his message, his energy echoed throughout the world and created lasting change.

MLK was a Baptist minister, but his energy and message was universal. People of all ethnicities and religions resonated with his energetic presence. 

Decades after his death, people everywhere still feel his powerful energy and are inspired by his life’s mission. At Holden QiGong, we’re grateful for the enormous contribution that MLK made to our world.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.