Tao Yin is the common ancestor of Qi Gong and Yoga and combines many of the most valuable benefits of each. While it’s not as widely taught or understood in western culture, the practice has been used for thousands of years to cultivate mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Tao Yin is the common ancestor of Qi Gong and Yoga and combines many of the most valuable benefits of each. While it’s not as widely taught or understood in western culture, the practice has been used for thousands of years to cultivate mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. 

In many parts of ancient China, Tao Yin was an important part of preventative medicine and health care. It was recognized that individuals could take an active role in both preventing diseases as well as healing. Therefore, Tao Yin practices were highly respected and revered among citizens from all walks of life.

Unfortunately, our modern health care system often doesn’t focus on empowering individuals with tools and skills to prevent ailments before they arise. Too often, our efforts are invested in attending to sickness or injuries that have already occurred—sometimes, when it’s too late.

The same is often true for mental and emotional health, which we usually aren’t taught to prioritize in the same way as other aspects of our life. In a world with many sources of stress and anxiety, self-empowered practices can make a significant difference in our ability to deal with challenges.

While western medicine certainly has an important role to play, it’s essential to not rely solely on the forces of technology to guide our health and our lives in a positive direction. The practical skills that Tao Yin teaches are an amazing way to cultivate health, happiness, and inner peace.

There are countless reasons that people choose to practice Tao Yin, but today we’re going to share five of the core benefits that the practice offers:

  1. Improved Circulation of Energy 

As Lee teaches in his Qi Gong classes, energy circulates throughout the body in meridian pathways.

Meridians are like “Qi highways” that deliver vitality and aliveness to all parts of the body. When the meridians are clear and Qi is flowing, we typically feel healthy and full of energy.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons that our energy can become stagnant and not flow properly throughout the body. If our Qi gets stagnant, it might be wise to turn to Tao Yin.

Tao Yin practices help to clear stagnation and restore a healthy and fluid flow of energy throughout the body. By working mindfully with the meridian pathways, practitioners are able to overcome blockages and experience an abundance of Qi moving within. The result is greater health, happiness, and internal balance.

  1. Strength

In addition to its effects on the energetic body, Tao Yin also helps to strengthen the physical body. 

Many Tao Yin practices engage a variety of our major muscle groups and help to build core strength and power. In many ways, it’s similar to the qualities of pilates or fitness classes, although it can be modified to be suitable for people of all levels of conditioning. Building strength is a great way to improve mobility and reduce the risk of injury.

  1. Flexibility

Equally important to strength is flexibility. Tao Yin offers wonderful practices that help to maintain a healthy balance between strength and flexibility.

Many Tao Yin practices involve stretching exercises that help to release lines of tension and elongate muscles. Not only does this contribute to increasing the flow of energy, but it also ensures that the physical body is free of tightness and stiffness.

Flexibility is very important when it comes to preventing torn muscles and ligaments, in addition to being able to enjoy a variety of movements and mobility. There’s a good reason that athletes are seen stretching before competitions—it makes it easier to move quickly without getting hurt.

  1. Mindfulness 

Tao Yin practices integrate mind and body to bring about a state of deep mindfulness through movement. It’s a fully embodied practice that helps us to connect all parts of our being and cultivate cohesiveness within ourselves.

Like Qi Gong, Tao Yin helps us to bring our attention to the most subtle experiences we can sense within. By turning our gaze inward, we’re able to work with our most primal energies to transform our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations in order to experience peace, joy, and vitality… 

  1. Less Mental Stress

Tao Yin practices help to discharge mental and emotional stress by channeling it out through the body.

The experience of stress is often the result of energy becoming trapped in our minds. Instead of letting negative thoughts or experiences flow harmlessly through us and out into the world, we sometimes have a tendency to grasp onto them, as if we want to keep them for ourselves and use them later.

Just as the stretching movements in Tao Yin help to release physical tension and stiffness, they also help us to let go of the mental stress that is held inside. By opening up the meridian lines and allowing energy to circulate freely, all of our most unpleasant feelings and experiences can flow out and be liberated into the world in a healthy and constructive way.

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