In last week’s blog post, we explored the meaning and nature of life-force energy — also known as Qi. We discussed how it was first represented by humans, its relationship with the body and nature, and how people can work skillfully to harness its potential. Today, we’re going to put theory into practice by teaching you how to feel the Qi within your body.

While the concept of Qi is intellectually fascinating, it is the felt experience that truly changes lives. Without actually working with this mysterious life-force energy, Qi Gong is nothing more than an interesting topic for the dinner table.   

When new students start to practice Qi Gong, there’s an unmistakable feeling of Qi that starts to flow through the body. Sometimes, this happens during the first class. In other cases, it takes a bit longer before the new student starts to recognize the sensation of this energy. There are lots of reasons why some people feel it quicker than others and no one’s experience is “better” than anyone else’s.

If you’re new to Qi Gong or are trying to figure out how to feel Qi in your body, then this blog post is for you. Below, we’re going to share a step by step practice to help you drop into your body, activate its internal energy, and become aware of the Qi that is flowing within.

Like all of the practices and meditations we share, we suggest that you read through these instructions before beginning.

Exercise: How to Feel Your Qi

Start by relaxing in a comfortable chair. Make sure that your back is straight and your mind is attentive. Then, position your hands face-up in your lap and ask yourself, “can I feel my hands?” 

The feeling you experience in stillness is the connection between your mind and your body. Sometimes, it can be easy to overlook the subtle sensation of being since we’re so used to it. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths as you focus on whatever you feel in your hands. 

After bringing your attention to your hands, lift them up and start to rub your fingernails together back and forth vigorously. 

As you rub your fingernails together, start to take deep and strong breaths through your nose. Keep doing those two activities for about thirty to sixty seconds. Both your breath and your hands should be moving vigorously in a way that is activating but not overly exhausting. 

After thirty to sixty seconds, place your hands back in your lap and allow your breathing to relax. Close your eyes and pay attention to the sensation in your hands. 

If you feel a slight buzzing or tingling in your fingertips, that is your Qi activated and flowing. Many practitioners describe the sensation as a feeling of electricity moving within them, although there are many different ways to experience Qi. 

Now, on your inhale, start to imagine yourself pulling the energy up your arms. With each breath, it rises a little further towards your shoulders. Feel the slight buzzing and tingling continue upwards until it envelops your chest, throat, and head. Imagine nourishing energy cleansing your body as you smile to yourself. 

Whenever you’re ready, put your hands over your lower abdomen and take a few deep breaths into your belly. This helps to center and ground your energy so you can be connected to yourself as you go throughout your day.

When you’re ready, start to move your body and look around. You have just completed this brief exercise and are ready for the next chapter of your day.

If you’re still unsure about whether you felt your Qi, or if you’d like to experience more of it, practicing Qi Gong can help…

Thirty Day Challenge

The Thirty Day Challenge is one of Lee’s student’s favorite introductory programs and offers a wonderful opportunity to learn many great Qi Gong practices. 

In the Thirty Day Challenge, students get to learn a new routine each day for thirty days. All of the routines are unique, allowing you to experience a wide range of exercises throughout the program.

As Lee points out, seven minutes is all it takes to completely transform stress and anxiety into relaxation and peace. Also, because each routine can be completed in just a few minutes, it’s easy to stay committed to the program and build a positive habit. 

Throughout the program, you’ll notice that it becomes easier and easier to feel your Qi and experience the benefits that Qi Gong has to offer. Click on the banner below to learn more and start practicing today.