How do your pets respond when you practice Qi Gong around them? 

In many cases, your animal companions will pick up on the subtle shifts of energy that take place during your practice. 

Although your pets may not speak to you in the same way as humans do, that doesn’t mean that your communication with them isn’t strong. In fact, most animals have a keen perception of what’s happening around them, sometimes even more so than humans. They can often sense how you’re feeling, and some animals even know how to help elevate your energy.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to use Qi Gong to strengthen your energetic connection with your pets. In doing so, both you and your animal friends can experience more peace, tranquility, and love.     

Using Qi Gong to Cultivate a Heightened Energetic Sensitivity

In the busyness of everyday life, it’s easy to get hyper-focused on the more tangible manifestations around you. For example, it’s easy to pay attention to how things look or sound, but often, there’s more going on than what meets your eyes or ears. 

When you practice Qi Gong, your mind starts to perceive the more subtle and nuanced energies that are moving within and around you. When you look at a river or tree, you’re able to feel the energetic qualities that those qualities embody. And when you look within yourself, you’re able to relate to your thoughts, emotions, and physical state in a more intimate and connected way. 

This heightened energetic sensitivity also allows you to relate to other living beings in a more grounded and intimate way. In other words, Qi Gong can help you attune your mind to the subtle movements in energy that all living beings experience.

When it comes to relating to your pets, this can open up an entirely new pathway for communication and connection. You’re no longer limited by using words or gestures for communication. Instead, you’re able to create and share a rich and rewarding energetic bond. 

In many ways, you probably already experience this connection with your pets. Think above the moments of stillness when you and your pet exist together in a state of calm and centered harmony. By using Qi Gong, you can intentionally grow this special energetic connection further.

How to Use Qi Gong to Create a Mutually Nurturing and Healing Connection with Your Pets

You’ve probably noticed that your pets’ energy is often very responsive to your own energy. If you’re running frantically around your house, your pet may get activated or perhaps anxious. If you’re calm and relaxed, on the other hand, your pet may tend to be more calm and relaxed as well.

Of course, every pet is different (like people), so your energetic connection with them is going to be unique. However, just like people, there are some general principles that influence the energetic dance that’s always taking place between you and your animal companions. 

Using Qi Gong to cultivate a mutually nurturing relationship with your pets is really quite simple. To get started, find a quiet space with your pet and then…well, do some Qi Gong.

When you practice Qi Gong, focus on doing slow, flowing movements that help bring you into a state of relaxation. Try to release any stress and anxiety and reconnect to your center. Essentially, Qi Gong with your pets isn’t too different from your “normal” Qi Gong practice. Like in any relationship, being able to connect with and nurture another being, you first need to connect deeply with yourself. 

Calming and Grounding Your Pets’ Energy

After doing some Qi Gong, walk over to your animal companion and approach them gently. Have the intention of sharing the energy you just cultivated with your pet.

In many cases, your dog, cat, or other creature will respond by mirroring your energy. Animals have a keen sense of others’ energy and are very receptive to their human counterparts. Try speaking to them gently or pet their fur as you visualize yourself sharing your Qi with them.

By doing Qi Gong with your pet and channeling your energy to them, they can often experience the same calm state of being that you cultivated through your practice. If you do this regularly, it can help them enjoy the Qi Gong benefits of reduced anxiety and improved relaxation. 

Qi Gong can have such a powerful impact on animals that one of Lee’s students, George Brauneis, uses Qi Gong to help heal and train horses. In fact, he views Qi Gong as an important tool for helping his horses release anxiety and prepare for training sessions. 

Finding Peace and Tranquility Through Your Pets

Your pets aren’t the only ones who benefit when you practice Qi Gong with them. 

Because Qi Gong heightens your energetic sensitivity, it can help you become more open to the gifts that your animal companions have to offer. Your pets may not speak to you, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have great wisdom to share. 

When you practice Qi Gong, you’re able to channel the positive qualities from the world around you. For example, many Qi Gong practices focus on harnessing the forces of nature, such as Water, Wood, and Fire. One form of Qi Gong known as Five Animal Frolics, seeks to cultivate the gifts that certain animals have to offer.

This principle of harnessing external energies applies to practicing Qi Gong with your pets. When you do Qi Gong with animals, you can become more receptive to the nourishing qualities that they have to offer. With heightened energetic sensitivity, you can feel and channel the calmness, joy, or love that your animal companions embody. 

Strengthening Your Relationship with Your Pets

All positive relationships are based on cultivating a certain level of mutual understanding and acceptance. Because Qi Gong strengthens your energetic connection to your pets, it can also help strengthen your relationship.

Qi Gong can help create positive and nourishing experiences for you and your pet to share together. In turn, these experiences can help strengthen your connection and build further trust. When two living creatures are able to share space in a calm and peaceful way, connections flourish.

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