2018 Workshop Bundle


This bundle includes all of the live workshops Lee taught in 2018.

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  • Qi Gong for Spring is About Growth, Transformation, Creativity, and Abundance

    Spring represents an awakening. Nature is waking from winter hibernation with new life, blooming into a new beginning. Spring is the ideal time for cleansing and rejuvenation. In this workshop, we will focus on Swimming Dragon style of Qi Gong. The Dragon is associated with both strength and flexibility.
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  • Qi Gong for Summer is about living life to the fullest. It’s about living with joy, open-hearted enthusiasm, passionate endeavors, deep friendship, and expressions of love. Summer invites an awakening of the heart. Nature is continues to bloom with life and growth in this season. The wisdom of the heart blossoms in summer. Summer relates to the fire element. Fire represents the source of life force energy, the electricity in the heart, and the power of love. When the fire element is in balance, the heart feels strong, the mind is calm, and sleep is sound.
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  • Fall is the season of the lungs and the metal element. In Chinese medicine the lungs act as a bellows… flaming the heat of your body. Your lungs help keep you warm and healthy during the cold winter months. To prepare for the coming winter it’s important to spend time building up Qi inside your lungs. During this three and a half hour workshop you’ll learn practices to reap the harvest of summer and create a storehouse of Qi for your body to use throughout winter.
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  • In winter it’s important to pay attention to the health of your body. Your body and energy can become weak from lack of exercise and warmth, and it gets sick easier. Which is no fun! Protecting your kidneys is especially important – they are the main energy centers of your body. Your kidney energy is the source of your vitality and longevity, and the storehouse of “Jing Qi” or “essential energy.”
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  • The spine plays a key role in healthy body and a happy life. When there is pain and discomfort in the back, it drains our energy, creates agitation, and puts us in a bad mood. In this workshop you’ll release “stuck” energy and increase the flexibility and fluidity of your spine, learn how to release muscular tension, alleviate back pain and increase range of motion. Plus learn ways to improve postural alignment to reduce back and neck pain, and improve your breathing.
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  • Sleep is Good Medicine! A good night’s sleep works magic on your physical health, mood, and mental clarity. Good sleep transforms fatigue into vitality, emotional stress into inspiration, and mental turbulence into clarity and focus. Sleep is the energy of life. You spend one third of your life doing it. Learn healthy sleep habits for improved energy, health and longevity.
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  • While stress and anxiety are natural responses to modern life… they should not be a “constant” companions. In this workshop you will transform stress and anxiety into inner peace and tranquility and discover how to rebalance the Earth element, get present with the Heart Center, and build a protective “shield” against negative energy.
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  • Discover how to build a protective “shield” of positive energy so you’re guarded from unwanted energy from other people. Learn how to transform the negative emotions and energies from other people, and quickly return to inner peace. Break the “Cycle of Stress” with simple, easy-to-follow Qi Gong routines and relaxing meditations (most people use alcohol to release stress, which actually makes stress worse). You will learn how to release tension from the chest, neck, and shoulders (where most people hold on to anger and depression) and much more!
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Product Description

In Qi Gong for a Healthy Spine you will…

  • Learn joint-mobilizing exercises to release “stuck” energy and increase the flexibility and fluidity of your spine
  • Release debilitating muscular tension in the back, alleviate back pain and increase range of motion
  • Discover correct postural alignment to naturally “stack” your spine, reducing back and neck pain, improving your breathing (and your mood)
  • Use Qi Gong flows to bring healing energy into the spine, relaxing & opening the muscles, ligaments, and joints of your back
  • Discover the Bio-Mechanics and Bio-energetics of a healthy spine, and how to keep the back pain-free, even as you age
  • Learn powerful therapeutic exercises to strengthen the supportive muscles of the spine and help you feel more balanced and energized
  • Use breathing exercises to relax the nervous system, release pent-up emotional stress, and let go of negative energies living in the body/mind/spirit
  • Activate the craniosacral system to restore the natural position of the bones in the spine and reduce inflammation

In Qi Gong for Better Sleep you will discover…

  • Stress clearing exercises for the end of the day
  • Relaxation techniques for deep rest
  • Flowing movements to cultivate Yin energy
  • Healing sounds to do before bed to promote deep sleep
  • Stretches that clear lines of tension

In Qi Gong for Stress & Anxiety Workshop we will…

  • Relax the Heart Center so you can experience the joy of life (some anxiety is normal, but it shouldn’t prevent you from doing what you want)
  • Clear out tightness and tension in the chest (sometimes all it takes is a few simple stretches. You generally don’t need medication.)
  • Learn breathing exercises to bring your heart into present moment (you can use these whenever you need to reduce anxiety fast)
  • Clear stagnant energy with gentle Qi Gong flows (when your energy flows, joy and happiness are the natural result)
  • Fertilize your inner energy system – like you would a garden – to grow a rich “internal garden” of tranquility
  • Fortify a protective energy shield and clear out other people’s negative energy (taking on other people’s energy is natural, but we are never taught how to clear out the energy we don’t want)
  • Cleanse and clear anxiety out of your entire system (don’t let stress and anxiety freeze your life – in big or small ways)

In Qi Gong for Spring you will:

  • Learn Swimming Dragon Qi Gong
  • Learn Techniques to Build Resiliency – Strength & Flexibility
  • Do a Meditation for Transformation
  • Break the Cycle of the Stress Pattern
  • Use Flowing Movements to Tonify and Support the Liver
  • Cultivate Internal Power

In Qi Gong for Summer we will:

  • Awaken the wisdom of the heart using specific Qi Gong flows
  • Release attachments to negative emotions that no longer serve
  • Learn to let our heart’s “knowing” guide us
  • Cultivate loving kindness and compassion for ourselves and others
  • Learn the secret techniques of “Phoenix Rising” Qi Gong to unlock our power and grace
  • Build up a protective shield to help us avoid taking on other people’s “sticky” energy

In Qi Gong for Fall we will:

  • Learn Advanced Taoist Breathing Exercises to Boost the Energy of Your Lungs
  • Supercharge Your Immune System in Preparation for the “Illness Season”
  • Open the Upper Back, Neck, and Shoulders to Bring More Energy to the Lungs… So You Can Take Full, Deep Breaths
  • Learn Specific Exercises to Build Your Internal Power and Store Your Power Inside Your Body for When You Really Need It
  • Use Powerful Flows To Energize the Lungs and Build Your Up Metal Element – Fortifying Your Lungs Against the Coming Cold Weather
  • Practice “Mindfulness in Motion,” Increasing Your Awareness of Your Body (The More Aware of Your Body You Are, the Faster You’ll Be Able to Know Exactly What Your Body Needs… and Avoid Colds Faster)
  • Learn Key “Postures of Power” that Store Qi Deep Inside Your Body That Will Act Like an “Inner Furnace,” Keeping You Energized Throughout Winter

In Qi Gong for Winter we will:

  • Safeguard your Health with Immune-Boosting Qi Gong Routines
  • Cultivate Inner Awareness and Bodily Attunement
  • Learn Practices that Protect your Body from Colds and Illness
  • Restore and Replenish your Qi in Preparation for Winter
  • Do exercises to Strengthen the Low Back, Hips, and Knees
  • Learn Qi Gong Exercises for Longevity and vitality
  • Deepen into Meditations for Inner Peace
  • Strengthen your Body to Prepare for Winter with Postures of Power
  • Learn Flows that Tonify the Kidneys
  • Fortify your kidneys’ Qi throughout winter
  • Transform Fear into Tranquility

Running Time: Each workshop runs approximately 3 hours
Workshop Date:Each workshop was recorded in 2018
The workshop videos are available in both streaming and downloadable from your Holden QiGong Media Library.

Tip: Consult your health care professional before using this wellness program.
The instruction presented herein is not intended to be a substitute for medical counseling.