2019 Workshop Bundle


This bundle includes all of the live workshops Lee taught in 2019.

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  • Qi Gong for Depression Workshop

    Learn how to naturally transform depression and get your life back.

    We’ll show you how to pull out the root cause of your depression. You'll learn how to replenish your energy naturally, so you have more than enough to meet the demands of your everyday life.

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  • Acupressure Facelift & Rejuvenation Qi Gong Workshop

    Look and feel years younger in just 20 minutes a day with this simple and natural facial toning exercise system.

    Based on 4,500 years of ancient Chinese Medical practice, “Beautiful Face Qi Gong” is a simple, effective way to reduce and reverse the effects of aging... with just 20 minutes a day.

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  • Qi Gong for Visualization & Manifestation

    Discover how to use your mind and Qi to manifest your best life, boundless energy, a joyful heart, and abundance in all forms

    Cleanse the lens of your mind, craft intentions with power, and use your mind to skillfully craft the life you want.

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  • Taoist Sexual Secrets Workshop

    Tap into abundant vitality, increase passion in your life, deepen intimacy, and discover practical tools to awaken the well-spring of your vibrant energy.

    Sexual energy is a healing elixir, and the Taoist healers recognized it as such. It not only heals the body, but also heals emotional imbalances, relationship stress and spiritual disconnection.

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  • Qi Gong for a Healthy Heart Workshop

    Expand your capacity for unconditional love and compassion. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Heart is the “king” of the organs and ruler of emotional energy. In this workshop you will tap into and release unexpressed emotions blocking the flow of Qi through your heart.
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  • Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion Workshop

    Deepen your ability to nourish those you love. The Earth Element is associated with the spleen, stomach, and pancreas. It rules the digestion and assimilation of food.

    Digestion is your body’s way of taking in nourishment. It transforms the Qi from food into Qi your body can use… the kinds of Qi necessary for energy, health, and vitality.

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  • Qi Gong for a Balanced Nervous System and Longevity Workshop

    Solidify a long-term vision, create a strategy to implement it, and unlock the energy to realize it

    The Wood Element is all about confidence and is associated with the liver. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Liver is said to rule the nervous system, tendons, eyes, inner vision, and imagination.

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  • Qi Gong for the Low Back Workshop

    Learn how to immediately relieve low back pain. When you move and flow like water, you release pent-up tension and tightness in the muscles of the low back… allowing them to move freely and without pain. Like water eroding a mountain, the gentle movements seep into the tight muscles of your back until back pain naturally wears down and disappears.

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  • Qi Gong for Better Breathing Workshop

    Release feelings of sadness, grief, and low self-esteem so you can re-establish order in your life and act with logic and efficiency.

    The body and the mind are not separate. So, by addressing the lungs, you balance emotions connected to the Metal Element.

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Product Description

In the Qi Gong for Depression Workshop, you will…

  • Build a protective “shield” of healing energy to protect you from depression from the inside out
  • Quickly replenish your energy so you have more than enough to meet the demands of your everyday life
  • Free yourself from negative thoughts and feelings of self-blame for good
  • Reclaim the power of your mind and end feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and “the blues”
  • Reconnect to your inner fire and rekindle your motivation to get things done
  • Pull out the “root cause” of your depression so you can banish it from your life permanently
  • Eliminate the anxious feelings, the endless worries, and the regrets on repeat
  • Calm your body so you can get a good night’s sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed, with an abundance of energy throughout your day
  • Stop the “negative thought spiral” and connect to the people you love


In the Acupressure Facelift & Rejuvenation Workshop, you will…

  • Use “Beautiful Face Qi Gong” to create a more youthful appearance.
  • Increase the production of collagen and elastin (two key ingredients for plump and bouncy skin.)
  • Exercise, train, and tone the 43 muscles in your face to give yourself a more lifted appearance, firm the cheeks, and lift the lower face.
  • Produce consistent anti-aging results with safe, natural, and traditional techniques.
  • Age with grace and look the best you can at any age (as you practice, you’ll feel a lot more confident and a greater sense of self esteem.)
  • Release the underlying tension in the face with specific acupressure point massage.


In Qi Gong for Visualization and Manifestation, you will…

  • ​Learn how to use the “3 Fundamental Principles of Manifesting” to create unlimited abundance in all forms (financial, relational, spiritual, and health)
  • Learn a Qi Gong routine you can use at any time to “power up” the energy of your vision
  • Unlock the hidden power of your mind to create the life you know you deserve
  • Use a special “anchoring” technique to nearly guarantee the Universe knows exactly what you want… so it can create it for you
  • Discover the most common pitfalls of manifestation (you don’t want to manifest what you don’t want) and how to avoid them
  • Learn a simple, daily “Manifestation Meditation” to call in radiant health connection with your soul-family, and financial abundance


In the Taoist Sexual Secrets Workshop, you will…

  • Discover ancient Taoist “sex secrets” that still work to give you deep, powerful and long-lasting orgasms (you’ll learn how to “circulate” energy through the Microcosmic Orbit… which is the key to multiple orgasms for both men and women.)
  • ​Learn accessible Taoist sexual techniques you can use to deeply connect with your significant other physically, emotionally and spiritually… in a safe, connected, and “clothes on” environment.
  • ​Engage in deep discussions about topics usually considered “taboo” (sex isn’t something to be ashamed of!) and learn the Taoist techniques of breast massage and ovarian massage.
  • ​Powerful spiritual work needs powerful energy… you’ll learn how to harness your innately powerful sexual energy to create profound spiritual insights.
  • ​ Discover a simple technique to “circulate” energy with your partner to create the deepest possible connection (which leads to the highest levels of passion.)


In Qi Gong for Better Breathing, you will…

  • ​Release feelings of sadness, grief, and low self-esteem so you can re-establish order in your life and act with logic and efficiency.
  • ​Learn how to use straightforward, sensible movements from Traditional Chinese Medicine to re-balance your Metal Element and regain your integrity.
  • ​Boost your immune system naturally so you no longer get sick as easily or as often.
  • ​Energize the lungs to eliminate fatigue so you can fully express your unique gifts and serve those in need.

In Qi Gong for a Healthy Heart, you will…

  • Tap into and release unexpressed emotions blocking the flow of Qi through your heart.
  • ​Learn the traditional signs of an unbalanced heart that needs support (such as an unexplainable craving for bitter foods).
  • ​Use simple, easy-to-follow Qi Gong exercises to release pent-up stress, anxiety, and irritability.
  • ​The heart is responsible for supplying blood to your entire body. You’ll learn how to improve your circulation for mental clarity, less fatigue, and more energy.
  • ​Your heart is the ruler of your emotions, which is why you must send yourself positive messages to keep yourself clear and compassionate. In Qi Gong for a Healthy Heart, you will learn how to expand your capacity for unconditional love and compassion.


In Qi Gong for a Balanced Nervous System and Longevity, you will…

  • Add not only years to your life but life to your years” with “Swimming Dragon” style Qi Gong as you rebalance the Wood Element.
  • ​Regain the ability to make strategic plans to realize your vision for a positive future.
  • Ignite your confidence to pursue your inner visions and the motivation to manifest them into your life.
  • Learn how to fundamentally “rewire” your response to everyday stress so you don’t get thrown off balance as easily.
  • Heal the long-term effects of a Wood Element imbalance such as joint pain, headaches, and being quick to anger.


In Qi Gong for the Low Back, you will…

  • Use soft, flowing, water-like movements to gently release tightness, tension, and pain in the low back.
  • Learn simple but highly effective Qi Gong exercises to quickly release low back pain so you can immediately relieve pain whenever you need to.
  • Leading a sedentary lifestyle, having poor posture, and lifting without proper form are the most common causes of low back pain. You’ll learn how to counteract each of them.
  • Learn how to relieve and even reverse years of wear and tear on your back resulting in chronic, unrelenting back pain.
  • Discover how to increase your balance, strength, and level of energy with simple, easy-to-follow movements anybody can use.


In Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion, you will…

  • Address the root causes of weight gain, poor digestion, IBS, bloating after eating, and fatigue by rebalancing the Earth Element.
  • Develop your natural ability to bond others together (and create a thriving community and family).
  • Nurture your own digestive system so your body can effectively transform Food Qi into usable energy for your entire body.
  • Replenish your own inner stores of energy so you can offer more to others like a field of crops during harvest time.
  • Deepen your ability to listen to and empathize with others’ concerns for their lives so they feel naturally supported by their time with you.

Running Time: Each workshop runs approximately 3 hours
Workshop Date: Each workshop was recorded in 2019
The workshop videos are available in both streaming and downloadable from your Holden QiGong Media Library.

Tip: Consult your health care professional before using this wellness program.
The instruction presented herein is not intended to be a substitute for medical counseling.