2021 Workshop Bundle


This bundle includes all of the live workshops Lee taught in 2021.

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  • Self-Healing with Sound Workshop

    Detoxify your organs, energize your body, and restore emotional balance… using Taoist self-healing sounds. Learn to create a self-made “sound bath” to heal and restore energy in your body whenever you wish.

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  • Swimming Dragon Qi Gong Workshop

    "Swimming Dragon will help you add years to your life, and life to your years" -Lee Holden

    Swimming Dragon includes easy and fluid movements to wake up the body, help relieve pain, and release muscle tension.

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  • Qi Gong for a Strong Immune System Workshop

    Learn to strengthen and protect your immune system…100% naturally using Traditional Chinese Medical techniques. Lee will show you how to use your body’s defensive life-force energy “Wei Qi” to protect your body against harmful external energies.

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  • White Crane Qi Gong Workshop

    White Crane uses wave-like movements that focus on the upper body, chest, and lungs. This enlivens the spine and naturally improves your posture. White Crane is great for clearing out stagnant Qi from the upper body, which helps improve your breathing and cultivates vibrant energy in the lungs, and naturally supports your immune system.

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Product Description

In the Self-Healing with Sound Workshop, you will:

  • Learn several BRAND NEW sounds for self-healing Lee has never taught before (at least one for the sinuses, another for the jaw, and another for mental clarity).
  • Dive deeper into the Six Healing Sounds practice. Lee said he’ll share different and more in-depth approaches than what he taught in the Healing Sounds Online Course.
  • Learn a brand-new “Vibratory Attunement Routine”. This is a brand-new sound healing routine for deeper healing and awakening your energy. That’s all we know right now.
  • Discover the fundamentals of Taoist sound self-healing techniques…to help cleanse, detoxify, and strengthen your energy system.
  • Balance your organ system by “tuning” your organs with specific pitches and sounds.
  • Learn how to use sound to purge old, unwanted energy from your organs.
  • Learn the differences and similarities between Chinese sound therapies and other cultures’ sound healing practices. (Example: Chinese Healing Sounds vs. Hindu Kirtan vs. Buddhist Chanting… and more.)


In the Swimming Dragon Qi Gong Workshop, you will:

  • Learn all the movements associated with Swimming Dragon Qi Gong. Including a full breakdown of each of the Swimming Dragon movements and an entire Swimming Dragon Qi Gong sequence.
  • “At least 50% new Swimming Dragon movements.” Lee said he’ll share new, and more in-depth approaches to Swimming Dragon than previously taught in his prior workshops and classes.
  • Lubricate and elongate the spine through gentle spiraling, twisting, and coiling movements.
  • Metaphorically “morph” into a Chinese Dragon. Unlike their Western European fire-breathing counterparts, Chinese dragons were seen as omens of prosperity and long life.
  • Learn a wonderful exercise to start your day. Swimming Dragon includes easy and fluid movements to wake up the body, help relieve pain, and release muscle tension. (Hint: While Swimming Dragon is ideal for starting the day, it’s equally wonderful at night. You can practice Swimming Dragon to deliver that “energized calm” required for deep, restful sleep.)


In the Qi Gong for a Strong Immune System Workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The same Qi Gong movements, exercises, acupressure points, and Healing Sounds Lee used to help keep his energy high while he recovered from COVID-19.
  • How to strengthen your immune system from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.
  • Why some people get sick and stay sick… while others bounce back quickly. (Ever wonder why some people catch the flu while others don’t… and why the common cold is so hard for some people to recover from? Lee reveals why.)
  • How to cultivate “Wei Qi” (defensive life force energy) to protect against harmful pathogens (negative outside energy) using 5 key acupressure points.
  • A very specific set of 10 Qi Gong movements for building a strong immune system.
  • The “Field of Protection” Flow. In this flow, you’ll learn where the “P6” & “Triple Burner 5” acupressure points are… and how to use them to create a protective energy field around you.
  • How Qi Gong Masters like Lee and Mantak Chia, “Get sick, but only for a couple of seconds.” (Hint: It’s kind of like blowing up a balloon.)
  • 3 common mistakes people make when boosting their immune system… and how to eliminate them to accelerate the immune-boosting process.
  • Two short, yet powerful immune-boosting Qi Gong routines: a morning routine to jumpstart your day… and another to circulate Qi after long periods of sitting.


In the White Crane Qi Gong Workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The entire White Crane Qi Gong form to cultivate grace and suppleness in your spine.
  • How to expand your perspective on what is possible in your life (Great timing as the New Year is fast approaching!)
  • How to fix a “stiff spine.” Learn to use White Crane to heal a rigid, stiff spine.
  • Free yourself from harmful “text and computer” posture. Open clear channels for Qi to flow freely through your spine.
  • Expand your chest, open your rib cage, and cultivate vibrant, purified Qi in your lungs.
  • How to pair White Crane with the Microcosmic Orbit to create a potent self-healing elixir.

Running Time: Each workshop runs approximately 3 hours
Workshop Date: Each workshop was recorded in 2021
The workshop videos are available in both streaming and downloadable from your Holden QiGong Media Library.

Tip: Consult your health care professional before using this wellness program.
The instruction presented herein is not intended to be a substitute for medical counseling.