Acupressure Facelift & Rejuvenation Qi Gong Workshop


Look and Feel Years Younger in Just 20 Minutes a Day with This Simple and Natural Facial Toning Exercise System

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Look and Feel Years Younger in Just 20 Minutes a Day With This Simple and Natural Facial Toning Exercise System

We all want to look and feel young. Well, maybe not all of us… but most of us do! This is why there are millions of products, potions, lotions, fillers, facials, lifts, and surgeries that promise us “eternal youth.”

Yet what if we told you that there is a completely natural way to look and feel younger and healthier without using external beauty products or invasive surgeries?

What if there was a way to keep the signs of aging at bay and create a more lifted and healthy appearance?

What if there was a system of simple, facial toning exercises any man or woman could use to remove wrinkles and tighten saggy skin?

Well, there is one.

Based on 4,500 years of ancient Chinese Medical practice, “Beautiful Face Qi Gong” is a simple, effective way to reduce and reverse the effects of aging… with just 20 minutes a day.

Here’s How “Beautiful Face Qi Gong” Works

Just like saggy arms or thighs that require exercises to get firm, so do saggy jowls, cheeks, chins and droopy eyelids.

“Beautiful Face Qi Gong” stretches, strengthens and relaxes the muscles in the face just like yoga does for the body.
Beautiful Face Qi Gong combines the principles of Qi Gong and acupressure to oxygenate the underlying muscles of the face and neck.

As the skin is stretched and contracted during the exercises, elastin production is increased. Elastin is the stuff that makes your skin springy and soft, and gets depleted with age.

Blood, oxygen, and Qi is channeled directly into the muscles of the face during the workouts. This encourages the connective tissues, which hold your muscles and skin to the bones of your face, to become more flexible and firm.

With consistent practice, the muscles themselves strengthen. As they do, forehead wrinkles start to clear, lines around the mouth begin to disappear, and your face looks fuller, firmer and starts to glow.

We can’t promise that you’ll look like you’re a teenager… but we can promise that if you do the exercises you learn in the Acupressure Facelift & Rejuvenation Qi Gong workshop you’ll look really, really good (regardless of your age.)

All you need is your fingertips and 20 minutes a day.

Why Spend Thousands on Beauty Products and Surgeries? In the Acupressure Facelift & Rejuvenation Workshop You’ll Learn How to…
– Use “Beautiful Face Qi Gong” to create a more youthful appearance.
– Increase the production of collagen and elastin (two key ingredients for plump and bouncy skin.)
– Exercise, train, and tone the 43 muscles in your face to give yourself a more lifted appearance, firm the cheeks, and lift the lower face.
– Produce consistent anti-aging results with safe, natural, and traditional techniques.
– Age with grace and look the best you can at any age (as you practice, you’ll feel a lot more confident and a greater sense of self esteem.)
– Release the underlying tension in the face with specific acupressure point massage.

Let Your Inner Beauty Become Your Outer Beauty

Running Time: 3 hours 0 mins 15 secs
Workshop Date:May 12, 2019
The workshop videos are available in both streaming and downloadable from your Holden QiGong Media Library.
Tip: Consult your health care professional before using this wellness program.
The instruction presented herein is not intended to be a substitute for medical counseling.