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This bundle contains all five of the Five Element Summer Workshop Series, filmed live

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  • In the Qi Gong for a Healthy Heart Workshop, you'll tap into and release unexpressed emotions blocking the flow of Qi through your heart. You'll learn the traditional signs of an unbalanced heart that needs support (such as an unexplainable craving for bitter foods). Discover how to use simple, easy-to-follow Qi Gong exercises to release pent-up stress, anxiety, and irritability. The heart is responsible for supplying blood to your entire body. You’ll learn how to improve your circulation for mental clarity, less fatigue, and more energy. Your heart is the ruler of your emotions, which is why you must send yourself positive messages to keep yourself clear and compassionate. In Qi Gong for a Healthy Heart, you will learn how to expand your capacity for unconditional love and compassion
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  • In Qi Gong for the Low Back you'll use soft, flowing, water-like movements to gently release tightness, tension, and pain in the low back. You'll learn simple but highly effective Qi Gong exercises to quickly release low back pain so you can immediately relieve pain whenever you need to. ​Leading a sedentary lifestyle, having poor posture, and lifting without proper form are the most common causes of low back pain. You’ll learn how to counteract each of them. Learn how to relieve and even reverse years of wear and tear on your back resulting in chronic, unrelenting back pain. Discover how to increase your balance, strength, and level of energy with simple, easy-to-follow movements anybody can use.

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  • In Qi Gong for Better Breathing you'll release feelings of sadness, grief, and low self-esteem so you can re-establish order in your life and act with logic and efficiency. You'll learn how to use straightforward, sensible movements from Traditional Chinese Medicine to re-balance your Metal Element and regain your integrity. Find out how to boost your immune system naturally so you no longer get sick as easily or as often. Energize the lungs to eliminate fatigue so you can fully express your unique gifts and serve those in need.

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  • In Qi Gong for a Balanced Nervous System and Longevity you'll add not only years to your life but life to your years with “Swimming Dragon” style Qi Gong as you rebalance the Wood Element. You'll regain the ability to make strategic plans to realize your vision for a positive future. Ignite your confidence to pursue your inner visions and the motivation to manifest them into your life. Learn how to fundamentally “rewire” your response to everyday stress so you don’t get thrown off balance as easily. Heal the long-term effects of a Wood Element imbalance such as joint pain, headaches, and being quick to anger.

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  • In Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion you'll address the root causes of weight gain, poor digestion, IBS, bloating after eating, and fatigue by rebalancing the Earth Element. Develop your natural ability to bond others together (and create a thriving community and family). Nurture your own digestive system so your body can effectively transform Food Qi into usable energy for your entire body. Replenish your own inner stores of energy so you can offer more to others like a field of crops during harvest time. Deepen your ability to listen to and empathize with others’ concerns for their lives so they feel naturally supported by their time with you.

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Product Description

Every human being is born with the ability to heal themselves.

So all you have to do to heal is release your body’s natural ability to heal itself… and then support the process.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Five Element theory is a “framework” for the body’s natural healing process.

It is based on the belief that everything that appears in the physical realm is always connected with energy flow at the invisible level.


Your body will express an energetic imbalance happening deep within yourself. By studying the Five Element healing framework, you begin to see that the symptoms you experience are just your body’s way of saying, “I need help!”

For example, the emotion of sadness is directly related to the Lungs and the Metal Element… which is connected to the immune system and the season of Autumn.

So if you suddenly developed a cough, it probably means you have unexpressed sadness or grief… and if you express that grief, your cough will disappear.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we understand everything is connected.

Which means you can heal your body by healing your emotions, and heal emotional wounds by healing the body.

Applied properly, the Five Element Healing Framework becomes a “master key” to decode your body’s messages.

It is the key to understanding your own body and its needs on an intuitive level… free from fear, worry, or concern.

In the Five Element Summer Workshop Series, you have the opportunity to dive deep into the Five Element Healing Framework. Each workshop is themed after one of the five elements, and it’s primary organ system.

The workshops are a combination of lecture, teaching the healing theory and direct application of the theory through gentle, easy-to-follow Qi Gong routines.

This bundle includes five Workshop Titles all filmed in our studio: Qi Gong for a Healthy Heart Workshop, Qi Gong for Low Back Workshop, Qi Gong for Better Breathing Workshop, Qi Gong for a Balanced Nervous System and Longevity, and Qi Gong for Healthy Digestion. You may download or stream them all individually.