Qi Gong for Healthy Bones



Our bones produce red blood cells, support the immune system, as well as provide our structure and movement. As we age, bone density decreases and the health of the bones can be compromised. However, weight bearing exercises have great benefit to the the bone health. This gentle, flowing Qi Gong routine strengthens the bones and supports healthy energy and deep vitality throughout the whole body.

(filmed in Yosemite National Park, California)

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Product Description

Qi Gong is an ancient movement practice that combines strengthening, stretching and flowing movements for a strong, healthy body and relaxed, calm mind. Exercise is essential to strong healthy bones.
The healthy human bone is as strong as granite. As we age, bone density goes down and the health of the bones is compromised.

And every second the bone marrow produces 2 million red blood cells. The bones are amazing pieces of anatomy, essential for supporting structure and movement as well as circulation of the blood.

It is well documented that weight bearing exercises have great benefit to the the bones later in life.

This Qi Gong routine strengthens the bones and creates healthy energy through the whole body. In Chinese medicine the bones were seen as energetic storage areas. The bones represented deep vitality and health.

In this routine, I’ll show you exercises to improve bone density, increase energy, and circulate the life force energy.


  • Strength building exercises
  • Flows the send energy into the bones
  • Calming flows for relaxed mind
  • Bone breathing Qi exercises

Full Routine: 33:00 mins
Short Routine:
24:46 mins
Short Routine:
11:15 mins
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Executive Producer: Lee Holden, Ben Cox
Producer: Ben Cox
Director: Todd Villegas
Editor: Nick Loffree, Todd Villegas
Videography: Nick Loffree, Francis Battaglia, Todd Villegas
Cover Design: Angela Stucky, Megan Melack
Music: Dean Evenson
Cover Photography: Francis Battaglia

Tip: Consult your health care professional before using this wellness program.
The instruction presented herein is not intended to be a substitute for medical counseling.