Qi Gong for the Upper Back and Neck



Slow, fluid movement, deep breathing, and a meditative state of mind to help relieve pain, stiffness and chronic tension caused by poor posture, inactivity, or repetitive motion. These basic stretches and easy-to-do exercises re-balance the body and calm the mind – alleviating upper body tightness and preventing future discomfort.)

(filmed in Yosemite National Park, California)

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Where do you carry your stress and tension?

The fact is that over 80% of the population experiences upper back or neck pain at some point in their lives. Under stress, the neck and upper back unconsciously contract, creating pain and discomfort.

Living in an age of repetitive motion and inactivity causes tension to accumulate in this area. Qi Gong teaches basic stretches and exercises to compensate for repetitive movement, muscular tension, and injury to this area.

Qi Gong, for thousands of years has helped people alleviate stress, clear tension, and calm the mind. Through gentle stretching, deep breathing, relaxing pressure point therapy, and flowing movements, Qi Gong clears lines of tension and those areas where we chronically hold stress.

Instead of taking a pain killer, try Qi Gong! Get to the source of the problem and release tightness and pain naturally. Learn the skills and resources to take care of your body from the inside out.

It’s our hope that through Qi Gong, you experience a tension free body, a relaxed pain free upper back and neck, and a calm clear mind. As it was said in the classics, “Flowing water doesn’t stagnate,” and the same is true for your body.

Join Qi Gong teacher and Public Television favorite, Lee Holden, in a simple and easy to follow routine and experience a tension-free upper back and neck.
Release tension and pain in the upper back and neck through:

* Relaxed Stretching
* Flowing Movements
* Tension Releasing Exercises
* Pressure Points to Clear Tightness
* Deep Breathing
* Mindful Meditative Flows

Full Routine: 42:37 mins
Short Routine: 17:29 mins
These programs are available as both streaming and downloadable videos.

Executive Producer: Lee Holden, Ben Cox
Producer: Ben Cox
Director: Todd Villegas
Editor: Nick Loffree, Todd Villegas
Videography: Nick Loffree, Francis Battaglia, Todd Villegas
Cover Design: Angela Stucky, Megan Melack
Music: Dean Evenson
Cover Photography: Francis Battaglia

Tip: Consult your health care professional before using this wellness program.
The instruction presented herein is not intended to be a substitute for medical counseling.