Rise and Align Workshop


The Rise and Align Workshop: Learn the 5-Step Morning Routine Lee Uses to Get into Flow Every Day (in Only 45 Minutes)

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Product Description

In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll learn a 45-minute routine to help you

Eliminate Early Morning Stress

  • Stop Harsh Inner Criticism
  • Connect with deep flow states right when you wake up to stay positive throughout the day.

Deepen Mind-Body Connection

  • Stay Energized and Balanced
  • Enhance your ability to focus and concentrate.

Keep a Consistent Routine

  • Simple and Easy to Repeat
  • A 5-step morning routine so enjoyable you will want to keep doing it every day.

Running Time: 03:07:02
Workshop Date:April 24, 2022
The workshop videos are available in both streaming and downloadable from your Holden QiGong Media Library.

Tip: Consult your health care professional before using this wellness program.
The instruction presented herein is not intended to be a substitute for medical counseling.