Taoist Sexual Secrets Workshop


Taoist Sexual Secrets is Not Just a Workshop About Sex
It is a workshop of Qi Gong, sexual alchemy and advanced Taoist sexual practices.

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Taoist Sexual Secrets

The Alchemy of Energy and Ecstasy with Lee Holden

Tap Into Abundant Vitality, Increase Passion in Your Life, Deepen Intimacy, and Discover Practical Tools to Awaken the Well-Spring of Your Vibrant Energy

In This Clothes-On Workshop, You’ll Learn Easy-to-Follow Techniques to Harness Your Sexual Energy for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Growth.

We’ve all heard about the Kama Sutra, Tantra and other Sacred Sexual Arts.

Well, this is something more…

Let us show you the “sexual science” of Taoist energetic practice. Which isn’t about sex as you think of it. It’s about you and the power you have within yourself.

If you’ve been let down by other books and courses on sexuality… and you’re looking for a way to revolutionize your life… then Taoist Sexual Secrets is for you.

The practices you’ll learn are, in fact, practices… and while they are accessible and easy-to-follow, they require some commitment and action.

Let’s just say, because you will work with sexual energy, the effort and action is deeply enjoyable!

You’ll learn how to last longer. You’ll learn how to increase your and your partner’s pleasure. You’ll learn how to harness your sexual energy for spiritual growth… all in a safe, clothes-on environment (from the comfort and privacy of your own home!)

Taoist Sexual Secrets is Not Just a Workshop About Sex
It is a workshop of Qi Gong, sexual alchemy and advanced taoist sexual practices.

Practices you can use to increase your pleasure when making love… deepen your connection to your partner (and yourself…) and harness your sexual energy for spiritual growth.

In the Tao, it’s said that healing can happen through pain (think surgery) or through pleasure (think massage or intimacy with a loving partner.)

Sexual energy is a healing elixir and the Taoist healers recognized it as such. It not only heals the body, but also heals emotional imbalances, relationship stress and spiritual disconnection.

So if you are interested in healing with pleasure… If you’re interested in transmuting raw sexual energies into higher forms of energy… if you are interested in power, enlightenment and becoming a higher sexual being…

Taoist Sexual Secrets is for you.

What will you learn?

You’ll Learn the Five Principles of Working with Your Sexual Energy

You’ll learn how to:
1. Activate your sexual energy
2. Circulate your sexual energy through your meridians
3. Transform sexual energy into an ecstatic internal experience
4. Exchange sexual energy with your partner
5. Sublimate your sexual energy to connect with the Divine.

In Taoism, Sexual Energy is a Powerful Source of Pleasure and the Fountain of Longevity

In the Taoist Sexual Secrets Workshop, You Will Learn How to…

  • Discover ancient taoist “sex secrets” that still work to give you deep, powerful and long-lasting orgasms (you’ll learn how to “circulate” energy through the Microcosmic Orbit… which is the key to multiple orgasms for both men and women.)
  • Learn accessible taoist sexual techniques you can use to deeply connect with your significant other physically, emotionally and spiritually… in a safe, connected, and “clothes on” environment.
  • Engage in deep discussions about topics usually considered “taboo” (sex isn’t something to be ashamed of!) and learn the taoist techniques of breast massage and ovarian massage.
  • Powerful spiritual work needs powerful energy… you’ll learn how to harness your innately powerful sexual energy to create profound spiritual insights.
  • Discover a simple technique to “circulate” energy with your partner to create the deepest possible connection (which leads to the highest levels of passion.)
  • You are born with a limited amount of “Jing-Qi,” or sexual energy. When it runs out? You die. In Taoist Sexual Secrets, you’ll learn how to properly “channel” your sexual energy (Jing-Qi) to unlock more Qi, increase your longevity and double your vigor.
  • Many sexual practices are veiled in confusing language… in Taoist Sexual Secrets, you’ll learn easy-to-follow techniques to help you better enjoy your sexual experiences with your partner (and yourself.)

Running Time: 2 hours 53 mins
Workshop Date:March 17, 2019
The workshop videos are available in both streaming and downloadable from your Holden QiGong Media Library.

Tip: Consult your health care professional before using this wellness program.
The instruction presented herein is not intended to be a substitute for medical counseling.