What can we learn from the season of Fall? In Qi Gong, we’re constantly seeking to follow the lessons of nature and the seasons.

In the twenty-first century, it’s easy to forget our interconnectedness with the natural world. Fortunately, Qi Gong offers us a wonderful opportunity to slow down and listen to the wisdom that surrounds us.

This blog post will explore the abundance of opportunities that fall brings us, as well as discuss how we can harness the season’s power for health and healing.

The Opportunity of Fall

Each season brings its own unique gifts and possibilities. In Spring, we talked about the potential for new beginnings, and in summer we shared lessons about the season of passion and of our heart. Fall is a season for letting go and creating new space for what we want to become.

As humans, we’re intrinsically part of the natural world (even if sometimes we forget), and we experience our fullest expression of self when we learn to embody the energy of nature. In Fall, the world naturally and beautifully lets go of that which no longer serves.

Look at the trees. Notice how the leaves fall to the ground in a graceful expression of release. At one point, the leaves served a valuable purpose for the trees. They absorbed sunlight and fueled growth. Now, the trees are ready to let go of their colorful leaves and let them become soil for new seeds.

Humans are often fearful of the process of letting go, even when it’s healthy and right. We seek to hold onto things, not trusting that change can be an opportunity for growth.

We hold onto stress, stagnant emotional energy, physical tension, old thought patterns, and even unhealthy relationships or unfulfilling work positions. While we think that holding onto these things allows us to have more, it really just prevents us from creating the space to invite what we truly want in life.

Much of the time we don’t even realize what we’re holding onto, or we think that if we let go of what we’re carrying we’ll have nothing left. Usually, life doesn’t ask us “what emotions or thought patterns do you want to let go of?” More often, life’s experiences are constantly giving us more emotions and burdens to carry.

In Qi Gong for Fall, we take a step back and go inward to realize what we’re ready to let go of. Perhaps we carry sadness or anger that is ready to be released, or maybe we’re able to let go of a job or activity that is no longer serving us. Whether we want to release something internal or something outside of ourselves, we still have to first look within to transform our attachments.

On the other side of letting go exists a space of freedom and opportunity that is bigger than you could have previously imagined! Once you’ve released the energies and thoughts that no longer serve you, life opens up and you feel a deep sense of expansion and space. Space to create, to dream, to love. Nothing holds as much opportunity as a person who has the space to find what’s right.

Within the space, we can fill ourselves up with who we truly are and what we want to become. By listening and hearing what our truest self yearns for, we can invite the emotions, thoughts, and outward expressions that reflect our essence.

Of course, it’s a lifelong process to grow, release, and grow again. Alas, the seasons are constantly doing this, and we can too if we harmonize with the world around us.

Qi Gong for Fall Workshop

At Holden QiGong, we’ve put together a special, pre-recorded workshop called Qi Gong for Fall. During the program, Lee teaches students powerful practices for releasing old energy and welcoming in the opportunity and growth that our present self is ready for.

Lee also shows students several practices that strengthen the lungs and the metal element. By doing so, we’re able to boost our immune system and give our body the extra strength it needs to prepare for the winter months.

Qi Gong for Fall is an excellent way to work with our emotions, thoughts, and body to reset and rejuvenate for our paths ahead. Although the practices Lee teaches are especially relevant for Fall, they can also become part of your regular Qi Gong practice as well.

Whether you’re seeking to let go of old energy, create space for new opportunities, or fortify your immune system, Qi Gong for Fall is a great way to nourish all parts of yourself. Click on the banner below to learn more or purchase this timeless program today.