Human beings are complex creatures. Each of us is composed of countless systems and energies that govern who we are. Being conscious of our existence is a miraculous gift that enables us to proactively work to improve and enhance our state of being. Whether for health, happiness, or clarity of mind, we can all benefit from some additional support to show up as our best and fullest self in the world. This blog post will discuss what the Three Treasures are, how they can be best integrated within ourselves, and how Qi Gong can be used to cultivate inner strength and maintain our well-being.

What Are the Three Treasures?


In essence, the Three Treasures are who we are as individuals. At their core, the Three Treasures reflect the answers to three ageless questions that all humans strive to answer: Who are we? Why are we here? What do we want? These three questions are intimately connected and dependant upon one another, and so are the Three Treasures within our beings. In its simplest explanation, the Three Treasures are the body, mind, and spirit. Qi Gong for the Three Treasures helps us to integrate all parts of ourselves for our highest expression of our truest purpose.

Body, mind, and spirit are all intimately connected, yet sometimes the forces of everyday life can cause us to disconnect from different parts of ourselves. We all know what it feels like to have our body do something different than what our mind knows is healthy, and often the thoughts of our mind don’t reflect what is true for our spiritual path. Self-defeating behaviors are a perfect example of disintegration and imbalance between our three treasures. All things in life require balance in order to exist in their healthiest form. Balance brings peace, harmony, and vitality, while imbalance is what leads to sickness and emotional struggle. Similarly, the three treasures of body, mind, and spirit have a natural way of relating to one another that brings harmony and alignment, which benefits the whole.

How the Three Treasures Work Together for
Our Most True Purpose

Ancient Taoist texts often compare the spirit to a governor. Just as the governor of a city or state is responsible for leading the people to the highest good, the spirit is what connects humans to their highest truth — the Tao. When the spirit is fully integrated with the mind and body and connected to the universe, the individual feels truth and purpose channeling through their entire being. The spirit is also what guides awareness and presence in the rest of the body. When the spirit is connected to the Tao and leading the mind and body, a person experiences peace, harmony, and effortless power circulating throughout.

The mind or energy is often referred to as the force of life. Our middle Tan Tien contains powerful creative energy to help us express our own unique gifts to the world. We all receive our energy from the same abundant and universal source, but each of us puts our own individual stamp on that energy. How we choose to express our gifts and creativity are reflections of our own unique energy. If someone isn’t experiencing fulfillment through their work or is struggling to find a path that gives meaning and purpose, it probably means there is still a disconnect between their energy and their spirit. When Tao, spirit, and energy are all in alignment, you know exactly how to assert your energy into the world to manifest your true, authentic self.

The body is often referred to as the temple. It is the most concrete and physical of the three treasures and it is how we can exist as physical beings in our world. In Qi Gong we spend a lot of time talking about Tao and Qi — the guiding power and life force that makes life possible — but it’s equally important to realize that our energy requires a physical vessel to live and work within. Our body is also associated with our essential energy, Jing. In the next blog post we’ll get into the various forms of energy associated with each of the three treasures, but for now we’ll just say that the body’s essential energy is what transforms into Qi, which in turn transforms into Chen — spirit energy. Our next blog post will further explore the relationships between each treasure and energy, but the essential foundation is that a full integration between all parts of ourselves is what allows purpose, energy, and good health.

Qi Gong for the Three Treasures


Qi Gong for the Three Treasures focuses on cultivating a strong connection between spirit and Tao, as well as integrating all parts of our beings for the strength of the whole. Since each treasure is associated with a different part of the body, Qi Gong movements are an excellent way to bring full alignment between all parts of ourselves and allow our highest purpose to channel through us.

In our Three Treasures Online Course Lee leads students through 33 hours of video training on Qi Gong for the Three Treasures.

The course builds an internalized knowledge of how to work with the energies of the Three Treasures, to integrate and harmonize all parts of yourself.

When your body is attuned to your spirit, and your spirit guides your energy and your mind, you can experience the power of the Universe flow through your being.

By working together for all of our highest good, students and teachers can embark on a powerful internal and external journey to become a better version of their authentic selves.

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