When you’re feeling energized, life becomes richer, more inspiring, and full of possibility. Energy allows you to follow through with your intentions and show up as your best self in the world around you. 

While there is no shortage of energy in the universe, it’s common for humans to feel depleted at times. Therefore, as Qi Gong practitioners, it’s important to look to the natural world for lessons that can help us to cultivate more Qi. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the principles of energy from a Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong perspective, as well as share a practice to help you cultivate aliveness whenever you want to experience a quick boost throughout your day. 

An Abundance of Energy

The natural world is abundant with Qi. Wherever you look, you can see energy moving and flowing in its endless journey of transformation. 

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the “secret” of nature’s energy is balance and harmony. In other words, the source of nature’s power is its inherent ability to maintain synchronicity between all parts of itself. 

When all parts are working together, no effort is needed to accomplish great things. For example, the water in a large river doesn’t worry about whether or not it will reach the sea — it relies on gravity to lead it to where it needs to go. The wind is never concerned about where its power will come from — it simply waits for earth’s temperatures and seasons to change. 

The Tao Tse Ching explains this lesson, “nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Even though humans are a part of nature, we have a tendency to fall out of rhythm with the effortless power that constantly surrounds us. Instead of finding flow with the world we live in, too often, we fight against the forces that could otherwise serve us.

In Qi Gong, we seek to reconnect with the natural sources of energy that we constantly have access to. Some of these energy sources are outside of ourselves, and some are within.

In the following video lesson, Lee shares three simple yet powerful practices to awaken your own, internal energy. By awakening your own stores of Qi, it’s possible to experience more aliveness, joy, and inspiration.

To a large extent, feeling energized is simply a reflection of harnessing the natural resources within yourself, just as a river harnesses gravity. We hope you enjoy this practice and find that it gives your energy a nice boost as you continue your day. 

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