Relationships are all about the energy that circulates between two people. When the energy within yourself and your partner are in alignment, it’s easy to experience a deep connection that is full of love and gratitude. However, when an imbalance occurs, feelings of agitation or frustration may quickly creep up and create an invisible barrier.

Because the energy within humans is constantly transforming, romantic partners must learn how to dance with one another in a skillful way. As any couple knows, relationships are a constant journey of communication, learning, and growth.

Just as Qi Gong can help you to cultivate healthy energy states within yourself, it can do the same for your romantic relationships. In this post, we’ll discuss how the principles of Qi Gong apply to relationships and share three nourishing practices that you can use to help deepen your energetic connection with your partner (just in time for Valentine’s day.

Relationships and Qi

In Lee’s classes, many of his lessons focus on working with your own internal energy to cultivate health and inner balance. After all, everything we bring forth into the external world first starts within ourselves.

When it comes to using Qi Gong to cultivate healthy relationships, many of the same principles apply. However, there are a few additional elements to be aware of. Unlike your own personal Qi Gong practice, there are three primary energies at play within relationships, and each needs to be given respect and consideration.

First, there is your own energy. If you’re already a dedicated Qi Gong practitioner, it’s likely that you already spend time each day addressing your own personal needs. Each of us are different so it’s important to pay close attention to your internal energy to understand what you require in order to flourish. Of course, a daily Qi Gong practice can go a long way to helping you stay healthy, grounded, and full of joy. 

Second, there is the energy of your partner. Even when you love someone very deeply, it’s important to always remember that they are their own person and have their own experience of the world. Your partner’s energy may not always be the same as yours. A healthy relationship requires that both people cultivate wellness within themselves.

Third, there is the combined energy of both you and your partner. When two people are in a romantic relationship, the energy of each partner blends together to create a new energetic field that is distinct from each person. In other words, an alchemy takes place that gives birth to brand new energy that neither person can experience on their own. 

Just as it’s important for each person to focus on cultivating their own energy (using Qi Gong, for example), it’s equally important for both partners to focus on cultivating the third energy— the relationship itself. Without all three energies receiving attention and love, it’s difficult to experience a deeply nourishing connection with your partner.

There are many ways that couples focus on building their relationship. Fun activities, acts of kindness to one another, and intimacy are a few wonderful ways to strengthen the connection. Qi Gong is an additional practice that many couples find deeply nourishing.

Below, we’ve shared three simple Qi Gong exercises that you can enjoy with your partner. Valentine’s Day reminds us of the importance of cultivating love, but these practices can also be used anytime you feel called to practice together throughout the year.

The instructions for this routine are addressed to both partners. But this isn’t meant to be a serious practice. Allow yourselves to have fun, and laugh if it feels natural. 

For most couples, it might be best to read through the instructions together before beginning the exercise. We hope that you enjoy this practice and find that it helps to infuse your relationship with love and connectedness.

Qi Gong Routine for Couples

Start by finding a safe space where you both feel comfortable and relaxed. This can be in your living room, bedroom, out in nature, or any other place of your choosing.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart facing one another. Choose a distance between both of you that feels comfortable. It can be as little as a few feet, or further away if you prefer.

To start, take some slow, deep breaths as you look at one another. Allow a smile to shine through as you send loving energy to your partner. Also, allow your breaths to synchronize so you’re inhaling and exhaling at the same time. 

After a minute or two, on your inhale, arch your back and bring your hands to your shoulder. This exercise is called Heart to the Sky, and is wonderful for activating energy in the heart center. On your exhale, tuck your tailbone and bring your hands towards the chest. If it feels comfortable, maintain eye contact while doing this exercise. Feel loving energy flowing between both of your hearts.

After two to three minutes, return to your original position and take another few breaths. Then, begin the second exercise, Cloudy Hands.

For Cloudy Hands, bring one hand in front of your chest and allow your palm to face your heart. Position your other hand beneath it, facing the palm of that hand toward the ground. Then, slowly shift your weight onto the foot beneath your hand that is facing your heart. As you shift your weight, let your hands glide slowly toward that side of your body.

Once your hands have reached the side of your body, switch the position of your hands and glide them toward the other side of your body as you shift your weight onto the other leg. As you move, be aware of the energy in your heart and seek to enter a state of flow with yourself and your partner. Maintain eye contact and continue this exercise for a couple of minutes.

When it feels right, return to your center and take a couple of deep breaths. The next exercise you will begin is called Coming Home to the Heart.

For Coming Home to the Heart, bring your hands to your chest in prayer position. Then, circle them down in front of you so your finger moves toward your partner, then toward the ground, and then your chest. As they complete the circular motion, open your palms as if you’re presenting a gift to your partner. Feel yourself sending love to them as you smile and look into their eyes.

Repeat this exercise a few times before returning to a still position, continuing deep breathing. When you’re ready, thank your partner and ask them about their experience. Allow the conversion to unfold with authenticity and connection as you continue to cultivate the energy of your relationship.

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