Becoming a Qi Gong teacher opens up so many doors and opportunities! 

Going through the Holden QiGong Teacher Certification Program is more than just a powerful experience… it’s a journey, an exploration, and a personal transformation like none other.

Sometimes, a person has a burning desire to experience a particular transformation, either internally or externally. At other times, a practitioner may have no expectations but discovers an entirely new universe that they didn’t even know existed. 

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing five of the most common reasons that Qi Gong practitioners choose to make the leap and become teachers. 

1.  Deepening Your Practice

Often, the motivation to become a Qi Gong teacher stems from one’s desire to deepen their own practice. In fact, some students have no intention of ever teaching but decide to go through the certification program for their own personal growth. (Spoiler alert, most of them end up teaching!) 

Whether you have teaching aspirations or not, the process of becoming a teacher is deeply transformational. If taking one of Lee’s weekly classes is like going on an afternoon stroll with Lee through your local park, the Teacher Certification Program is like going on an extended vacation with him to the other side of the world… or universe.

The Holden QiGong Teacher Certification Program dives deep into some of the most foundational and important teachings in Qi Gong: The Five Elements and Three Treasures. Together, these trainings provide a wealth of knowledge and practices that transform anyone’s personal practice for the better.  

Deepening your Qi Gong practice allows you to experience its many benefits more vividly and dramatically. 

For example, if Qi Gong currently helps you to let go of stress to a small or moderate degree, the Qi Gong Teacher Certification Program can help you learn how to release stress on a deeper level, and how to teach others to do the same for themselves. If Qi Gong currently helps you to stay grounded and energized throughout your day, this program will be an opportunity to experience those benefits even more fully. 

2. Helping and Serving Others

If you already practice Qi Gong, you probably don’t need to be convinced of its amazing benefits! If you feel that Qi Gong nourishes you on a deep and meaningful level, don’t you think it can do the same for others?

Becoming a Qi Gong teacher allows you to share your Qi Gong passion with more people. 

For some Qi Gong teachers, having a teaching skill set allows them to offer Qi Gong lessons to friends and family members. Even if your teaching stops there, what a gift it is to be able to share the magic of Qi Gong with those you love! 

Most Qi Gong teachers ultimately decide to share their knowledge within their community and network. As a teacher, this means that you can positively impact the lives of people you have not yet met! Any teacher knows how rewarding it is to share Qi with the world.

3.  A New Lens for Viewing Yourself and the World

Becoming a Holden QiGong Certified teacher allows you to see yourself and the world with a renewed lens and vision.

To illustrate this point, just imagine what a marine biologist might see when they dive beneath the water in a vibrant ocean seascape. Looking around at the fish and plants, they would see a beautiful and complex ecosystem alive in front of them. They would understand the patterns, dynamics, and biology of the flora and fauna enveloping them in the mysterious underwater world. What a joy it must be to look upon marine wildlife with such understanding!

Just as the study of marine biology gives individuals a refined lens for viewing the ocean, Qi Gong helps people to understand themselves and the universe with a new perspective.

The Five Elements and Three Treasures offers wisdom that applies to each person and aspect of nature. They teach you how to understand and work directly with different emotions, how to find spiritual clarity, and how to constantly find attunement with the energies of the natural world.

The Qi Gong Certification Program may not help you identify a Speckled Dace fish during your next ocean dive, but it will empower you to cultivate the water element within your body and experience its gifts of effortless flow. 😉 

4. Connect with Like-Minded Individuals

Doing Qi Gong on your own is great, but sometimes practicing all by yourself can become lonely. Going through the Holden QiGong Teacher Certification Program connects you to a huge, global community of fellow Qi Gong practitioners.

The Holded QiGong teacher community provides inspiration, support, and constant encouragement. Instead of feeling alone on your journey, you’re able to share your experiences with others who can relate to the process. Being connected with like-minded individuals makes the entire experience of Qi Gong even more fun and rewarding.

Many Qi Gong practitioners enroll in the Holden QiGong Teacher Certification Program by themselves, but then become dear friends with other fellow teachers. 

5.  Build a Successful Business that you Love

Last but not least, the Holden QiGong Teacher Certification Program provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to build a successful Qi Gong business that you love.

Once you’ve completed the Tier 1-level Certification, you’re fully qualified to teach others, promoting yourself as a Holden QiGong Trained Teacher, and receive compensation for your Qi Gong classes. This allows you to teach at studios and events, or to host Qi Gong classes in your own space. A lot of teachers also choose to hold classes in a natural setting outside.

When it comes to building a Qi Gong teaching business, you have complete control over how you go about the process. Some teachers decide to offer small, intimate classes one or two times per week for people in their community. Others decide to go all in and teach several classes per day to many different groups of people. The beauty is that you can build your business however you want — small, large, or anywhere in between.

Being able to earn money while pursuing your passions is a dream come true for many of our graduates! …And becoming a Qi Gong teacher allows you to do exactly that.

Holden QiGong Teacher Certification Program

At Holden QiGong, our Teacher Training Certification Program is designed to offer an in-depth Qi Gong education, as well as provide all of the skills and knowledge you need to share the practice with others.

When you enroll, you’ll instantly become part of a thriving community of Qi Gong practitioners who all share the same language. You’ll also embark on an exciting journey and exploration of self. With over 70 hours of Qi Gong training that you have lifetime access to, you’ll be able to return to your favorite lessons for years to come. 

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