Consistent Morning Routine

Morning can set the tone for the rest of your day. When you start your day focused and inspired, life feels richer and more enjoyable. Instead of feeling overwhelmed about everything you have to accomplish, you can step into the world with confidence and clarity. For many people, the best way to get started on the right foot is to create a consistent morning routine.

In this blog post, we discuss six key benefits of developing a consistent morning routine that supports your goals. 

1. More Energy

The way you start your day has a significant impact on your energy levels. If you wake up and activate your Qi, it’s a lot easier to have sustained energy throughout the day.

Having more energy doesn’t just mean feeling more alert. Qi Gong takes into account that your energy also impacts your thoughts and emotions. When you have more mental and emotional clarity, you’re able to enjoy life more fully and face challenges with greater resilience.

Because each day is different, you don’t necessarily need the same energy from one day to the next. If it’s a workday, you may need more creative energy. If you’re going to spend the day with your family, perhaps you’ll want to focus on cultivating the energy of love and compassion. 

Regardless of what your day holds in store, your morning routine is an opportunity to prepare your energy for the adventures ahead. 

2. Greater Mental and Emotional Clarity

Have you ever started your day feeling lost or confused? Without a morning routine, it’s easy to lack a sense of direction and clarity, which we all need. Not to mention, it’s really difficult to feel productive when you’re not sure what you should be focusing on.

A consistent morning routine also helps you become clear on your intentions for the day. Instead of wondering what you’re going to do, you’re able to go through your day with a sense of flow. 

Clear intentions make it easier to know what you want. It’s also easier to know what you don’t want. For example, with clear intentions, you can avoid self-defeating thought patterns and instead focus on life-affirming thoughts and beliefs. In other words, your intentions allow you to steer clear of mental pitfalls so you can remain rooted in thoughts that bring you joy.

3. Less Stress

It’s easy to let challenging experiences from the previous day seep into your morning. If you had an unpleasant interaction yesterday, it’s natural to wake up with ‘emotional residue’ lingering in your heart and mind. If you don’t address these feelings, you can wind up carrying them with you into your day.

A consistent morning routine gives you the opportunity to release old energy and create space for new opportunities. This enables you to let go of any pent-up stress from the previous day. Releasing this stress allows you to free up old energy and return to your center, giving you more emotional strength for the day ahead. 

4. Maintain and Improve Your Health

There’s an ancient Qi Gong proverb: “Dig your well when you’re still healthy and strong, not when you’re dying of thirst.” 

To live a vibrant life, it’s important to take proactive steps to maintain and improve your health. That’s why Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong largely focus on preventative medicine, not just on treating sickness and disease.  

Morning is one of the best times for cultivating habits that support your health. Starting your day with healthy behaviors allows you to live without worrying whether you’ll be “too busy” to address your needs. Not to mention, there’s something very rewarding about stepping into the world knowing that you’ve already fulfilled an important commitment to yourself.  

5. Enjoy Your Day More Fully

When you feel energized, mentally clear, and less stressed, there’s a natural result that follows: You’re able to enjoy your day more fully.

A healthy morning routine ‘primes’ your day for joy and fulfillment, helping you feel your very best! In fact, it’s not just the rest of your day that is more enjoyable—your morning routine itself can be fun.

Once you’ve committed to a daily practice, you’ll notice that you’re doing it not only because of the benefits you experience afterward but, also because you enjoy it. Think of your morning routine as a delicious bowl of vegetable soup. You might decide to make the soup because your doctor told you that veggies are important, but once you have a bowl, you’ll soon finish the pot because it’s delicious. The same can be true of your morning routine.

6. Accomplish Your Goals

When you start your day right, it’s easier to be focused, inspired, and in full alignment with your purpose. Not surprisingly, those are the same qualities that help you accomplish your goals. 

If you cultivate a consistent morning routine, you’ll find that it’s easier to follow through with your intentions and succeed in your mission for the day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a busy Wednesday at work or a relaxing Sunday with your partner, a healthy morning routine can help you stay present and in a state of flow. 

According to master Qi Gong teacher, Lee Holden, when you change your days you start to change your weeks. When you change your weeks, you change your months. When you change your months, you change your years, decades, and eventually, your destiny. Ultimately, a small change to your morning routine can have a big impact on all aspects of your entire life. 

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