Qi Gong is an excellent way to generate more energy and feel your best!

Many people are attracted to the relaxed yet energized state that Qi Gong brings. Some discover Qi Gong because intellectually it sounds like an interesting thing to try out. For others, they just happen to stumble upon a class that’s about to start and decide to jump in.

Either way, certain questions usually arise for new practitioners.

This blog post is for anyone who is interested in the origins and intentions of Qi Gong, or seeking tips for integrating it into everyday life. The lived experience of Qi Gong is what is most important, but it can still be very valuable to understand the historical framework of the practice.

The Basics — What Does “Qi Gong” Mean?

Perhaps you’ve already felt the benefits of Qi Gong, but what does that name “Qi Gong” actually mean?

“Qi” is a word used to describe the invisible life force that exists within the body and in nature. “Qi” can be thought of as the body’s life force energy, the electricity that allows movement and feeling.

“Gong” means “to work with.” It is a word used to describe the process of engaging with something to make it better.

So, “Qi Gong” means to work with the body’s internal energy source. In Qi Gong, we are working with our own life force energy to improve our health and vitality.

Different Intentions and Methods of Qi Gong

Just as there are many ways to bake a loaf of bread, there are many ways to practice Qi Gong.

Different people have different intentions and reasons for why they want to study Qi Gong. There are literally hundreds of reasons that people practice of Qi Gong, but here are five of the most common:

Energy: Many of us are constantly seeking to boost our energy level and feel more alive. You only need to walk into a coffee shop to notice how many people are in search of an extra boost to get through the day. Many Qi Gong practices help us activate and cultivate the body’s innate energy so we can feel more alive and awake.

The great thing about the energy that Qi Gong can bring is that it’s completely natural and doesn’t cause us to crash later in the day. Qi Gong is an excellent way to bring more enthusiasm to our day, and many practices are designed for exactly that reason.

Relaxation: After the previous point, it may seem ironic that relaxation is another core reason that many practice Qi Gong. However, relaxation and energy go together very harmoniously. Qi Gong is an amazing way to let go of stress, calm the mind, and let the body unwind.

Stress is not the same thing as energy, even though it can make us feel hyper and alert. Once stress and anxiety are cleared, it’s easy to experience a state of calm, focused vitality that is both relaxing and energizing at the same time.

Flow: To blend the previous two points, Qi Gong can help us to enter a state of relaxed focus. When we’re at ease yet energized, we experience a feeling of effortless flow within our bodies and minds. In daily life, it’s easy to feel like our minds are in a reactive state responding to the energies of the world.

Qi Gong can help us overcome the peaks and valleys that many of us experience, bringing our minds and bodies into the present moment. When we’re calm, collected, and focussed, we feel truth and clarity flowing through our beings.

Mind/Body Connection: When body and mind work together as a unified team, we feel peace within our bodies and presentness within our minds. Qi Gong can help us to become more aware of what is taking place within all parts of ourselves.

By fully integrating the body and mind, thoughts and movements become one cohesive process.

Centering: Without mindful awareness of our thoughts and actions, it can become easy to lose grip with our own internal center. Qi Gong can be a great way to help us come back to our center so we operate from our authentic self with effortless, waterlike power.

When we’re centered in who we truly are, we’re able to feel our truth and live our purpose.

Almost all forms of Qi Gong include postural, activation, and stretching practices. Together, these practices help to release lines of tension, awaken our internal energy, and tonify or cultivate our Qi.

You may notice that the five intentions listed above are all heavily dependant on one another. Integration of mind and body lead to flow, and relaxed energy leads to the integration of mind and body. It’s certainly possible to focus on specific aspects of ourselves, but ultimately, any practice will enhance the whole.

How to Integrate Qi Gong into Daily Life

It’s normal for new students to ask questions about how to integrate Qi Gong into everyday living. How much time should I spend practicing? Where should I practice? What should I wear?

These are just a few of the questions people ask.

Truthfully, there is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions. Qi Gong is unique for every person and can be practiced in whatever way is best for the individual. For many, it’s most effective to practice with bare feet on the earth in comfortable clothing.

Some prefer to practice in the morning to set a solid foundation for the day. Others like to practice at night to unwind before sleeping. Still, others yet prefer to practice during their lunch break to get a boost of energy and help them digest. Of course, any time of day is a good time to practice.

The important thing is to pay attention to what feels good to you and work with what you have to cultivate your practice. What you should avoid is not practicing because you don’t think you have “enough” time. 

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