A wide smile shines warmth and happiness to everyone in the room! Without the slightest thought of interpretation, everyone knows what happiness looks like. Our faces are like doorways to the rest of our beings, with limitless nuances that each communicate aspects of our thoughts and feelings.

Most people think that our various facial expressions are a natural response to what is going on within us. That is true, but our face can also inform the rest of our being. Today, we’re going to explore the fascinating practice that Lee refers to as Acupressure Facelift and Rejuvenation Qi Gong.

Your Face and Emotions

If you’re already a regular Qi Gong practitioner, you know that much of the practice is based on the integration of mind and body. By working with the body through various movements, we seek to bring peace and clarity to our thoughts and emotions. By working with the mind through visualization and meditation, we’re able to bring energy, strength, and vitality to the body. In essence, all parts of your being affect all other parts. Your consciousness truly exists within your entire body, and Qi Gong helps us to cultivate the power of that awareness.

As an important part of your body, your face is intimately connected to your thoughts and feelings. Have you ever noticed that when you share some great news with a friend that their face lights up with enthusiasm? Without trying, their emotional excitement automatically translates into a clear physical expression. Their mouth widens, eyebrow lift, and cheeks puff out.

While many physical mannerisms are culturally learned, a smile is universal. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a child in India, a man in China, or a woman in California, smiling is something that no one needs to teach you how to do.

So, just by being human, your emotions know how to lead your face. However, do you know how to “work with your face” to guide your emotions? Just as your body has the power to nourish your mind and emotions, your smile has the potential to do the same.

Beautiful Face Qi Gong

In ancient China, Qi Gong practitioners understood that the expressions of our face have a deep impact on the quality of our feelings. Therefore, just as they created massage routines for different parts of their bodies, they also developed practices to work with their faces.

By channeling the energy of the face into the rest of the body, Acupressure Facelift practices were used for full-body cultivation. The practice was also referred to as “beautiful face Qi Gong” because it helped to harmonize inner and outer beauty.

How exactly do you “work with your face?”

Just as the face is full of little muscles that give it a unique ability to form different expressions, it also contains many meridian lines. In Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, meridian lines are like energy highways through which your Qi flows. By working skillfully with the meridian lines in your face, practitioners seek to awaken the Qi so it can flow throughout the rest of the body.

Some of the meridian lines in your face are connected to the rest of your head. A few of the benefits that can be experienced through working with meridian lines in the face include clearer thinking, alleviating headaches, and overcoming brain fog.

The meridian lines in the face can also allow you to access greater happiness and joy. This means that Acupressure Facelift practices can also help you to become more centered in the present moment. By doing so, you can more easily let go of mental stress and worries.  

To work with these meridian lines, practitioners learn how to energize their hands and then use them to work with their face. By understanding the various meridian lines and how they connect to various parts of the body, practitioners can guide their Qi and activate the parts of themselves that they want to cultivate.

Often, we don’t pay much attention to how we carry our facial expressions. We might think about our hair, eyebrows, or makeup, but cultivating an authentic, genuine way of relating with our face is not something that we often take the time and attention to cultivate. However, just as your smile can send others love and warmth, it can also send those same positive qualities to yourself. When it does so, you’re able to nurture youthful vitality and health in all parts of your being.

As a Qi Gong practice, the experience of Acupressure Facelift techniques is very similar to many of Lee’s other Qi Gong routines. You feel your Qi awaken and circulate in a way that is both deeply calming as well as rejuvenating and uplifting. The main difference is that we focus on the facial region compared to the rest of the body. However, as suggested, the benefits are channeled to all parts of your being. Whether you’re new to Qi Gong or a seasoned practitioner, Acupressure Facelift practices are a great way to boost your vitality and continue your Qi Gong journey.

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By Ian Drogin