Do you ever feel confused about what’s going on in your own body? When you’re sick, do you find it frustrating to feel like all you can do is depend on doctors and medications to feel better? Even more frustrating is the feeling that the doctors and the medication aren’t fully helping!

Even if your medical professionals have the best intentions, it’s often difficult for them to help you in a way that is healthy for your entire body. That’s why we believe it’s essential for individuals to find their own tools for health empowerment. This blog post will explore how Qi Gong Prescriptions is an amazing way to harness your own personal gifts for health and vitality.

Internal Solutions For Internal Health


We live in a world in which there are a million different solutions for any given problem. If you need to redo your kitchen, all you need to do is look through a catalog to see a vast variety of different styles that you can choose from. When it comes to selecting a vehicle to get you from point A to point B, there’s no shortage of opinions about what kind of car will do it the best. And let’s not even try the count the number of apps that can be found on a young person’s iPhone. There are even apps to help you meditate or practice your religion!

One thing that all of these have in common is that they’re all external solutions. In other words, these are solutions that exist outside of ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with looking beyond yourself for some of life’s answers, but it is important to not forget the answers that can be found within. With so much presented to us by the surrounding world, it can be easy to forget how much there is the explore within ourselves.

There is nothing that is more internal than your own health and well-being. You experience your health constantly, and it can be difficult to differentiate who you are and how you feel on a physical level.

Despite that your health is clearly an internal existence, we’re taught that the answers to our health exist outside of ourselves. It’s like there’s a subconscious cultural belief that humans are incapable of being aware of their own body. Similarly, it’s assumed that we’re not able to do anything to affect our own health. Instead, we’re taught that doctors have answers and that pills and surgeries are the solutions.

Before continuing, let’s be clear that we’re not saying that western medicine isn’t valuable. Rather, western medicine is a powerful external resource with miraculous potential. However, it’s also essential to cultivate our own internal resources to help with your journey through life. You can think of Qi Gong (internal) and western medicine (external) as Yin and Yang. In Qi Gong, we know that Yin and Yang are both essential for health and balance, and the same is true of our internal and external tools for health and well-being. The world is already obsessed with external solutions, so we believe it’s important to help people realize how much is available within.

A Chinese Medicine Approach


In Chinese Medicine, we seek to work with the energy that is circulating within us. Rather than viewing the body as purely a mechanical structure, we see it as an interconnected energy system that can be cultivated within. There’s a common analogy to describe the differences in approach:

A western medical doctor is similar to a mechanic working on a car. A Chinese medical practitioner is like to a gardener working in a garden.

Health and vitality is largely dependant on energy circulating throughout all parts of our being. These pathways of energy are known as meridians, and run in specific ways within us. Stress, anxiety, and other emotions can cause blockages in our meridians pathways. When this happens our Qi can become stagnant, which can have serious negative impacts on our health and well-being.

A skilled Qi Gong practitioner knows how to identify blockages and restore a healthy and natural flow of energy.

Western medical tests are usually not able to detect these blockages at an early stage. Therefore, it’s extremely valuable to be able to identify stagnant energy right away in order to address the issue before it threatens your overall health.

Techniques and Practices


Although it’s quite simple to understand the overall idea of meridians, energy, and blockages, it’s a skilled practitioner who can truly apply this knowledge for their health and well-being.

First, a practitioner must understand how their energy moves throughout the meridians. Once they can feel their Qi circulating throughout their beings, they can then apply powerful techniques to work with its flow.

Acupressure is one such Medical Qi Gong technique that can activate the body’s natural healing response. These acupressure points exist in various places throughout the human body. Each corresponds to a slightly different healing quality or response. By being aware of one’s Qi, a skillful practitioner can work with the appropriate acupressure points. By doing so, they can stimulate the body’s own healing potential for their specific ailment.

Qi Gong movements and meditation is another wonderful way to heal and restore the body. If you already practice Qi Gong then you’re already doing this to some extent. All Qi Gong practices help us to replenish our energy, relax our nervous system, and bring balance to our entire beings.

However, sometimes it’s important to know what your body needs during a specific practice. Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses, and even within ourselves our needs can change over time or vary from day to day. What is true for us in one moment may not be true for us in the next.

Qi Gong movements and meditations can be another powerful tool. With the right practices, movements and meditations can help to cultivate Qi throughout your entire being. Qi Gong movement practices can also be a great way to let go of harmful Qi than may exist in our emotions or thoughts.

By bringing these different skills together, practitioners can find themselves in the wonderful position of being their own best doctor. After all, health is an internal experience, so it only makes sense that our personal practice has far-reaching potential for our complete well-being. At Holden QiGong, our goal is to help students realize these gifts that each of us possess.

Qi Gong Prescriptions


If you’re interested in personal health empowerment, be sure to check out Lee’s upcoming immersion: Qi Gong Prescriptions. This experience is the perfect way to expand upon your existing Qi Gong knowledge and cultivate your health.

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Those who have done this immersion in the past have not been disappointed. Whether you’re seeking to gain an empowered position in your health journey, or you just want to continue your Qi Gong education, this is an excellent opportunity to grow and evolve. Click the banner below to learn more or sign up today.

By Ian Drogin