On January 14th, 2021, Lee received the test results that everyone fears… he was positive for Covid-19. Lee’s partner, Heddy, and several family members also received the same diagnosis. 

For Lee, Covid was met with curiosity and humility. Like everyone else, Lee had grown accustomed to hearing the constant stream of sad stories and grim Covid-19 statistics flooding the media. At this point, the pandemic had been going on on for nearly a year, and the thought of contracting the COVID-19 virus was then, and is still now, is deeply concerning for so many. Once diagnosed, Lee realized it was actually an opportunity for him to discover the true nature of the virus for himself. 

Lessons Learned From COVID-19

As a dedicated Qi Gong practitioner and lifelong learner, Lee immediately opened his mind to the lessons that Covid had to offer. The first was a simple reminder of one of Taoism’s fundamental principles.

Qi Gong teaches us how to stay true to ourselves and not allow external stories to become our reality. In order to see Covid for what it truly is, he had to let go of the notions he had learned from the rest of the world.

When it comes to Covid, there is no shortage of information telling us how terrible the virus is.

Fear, stress, and turmoil have become characteristic elements in almost every story we read or listen to. For most people, not a day goes by without thinking and talking about the challenges surrounding the pandemic. In fact, most people’s impression of Covid is based on what they hear and not the actual experience of having the virus.

Lee’s Covid diagnosis became an opportunity for him to acknowledge the stories he had been told about the virus, and to put them aside in order to pay attention to his own experience. 

While Lee’s symptoms were relatively mild, he could clearly feel the energy of Covid in his body. In his words, “having Covid was like having a weird energy body inside of me. I noticed that it was a destructive, pathogenic Qi.” 

Lee’s symptoms were most noticeable in the evenings. For him, they included a loss of taste, loss of smell, and an overall drop in his energy level. He estimates that his energy level was about 80% of where it was normally.

Another lesson was about the importance of looking deeply at the essence of Covid rather than just the symptoms. To do this, Lee spent a lot of time meditating and practicing Qi Gong.

When he went inward, Lee was able to work directly with the energy of Covid in a constructive way. Instead of allowing stress to cause him to become tense and hold onto the pathogenic Qi, he used his practices to relax, let go, and purge the toxic energy from his body.

As he practiced Qi Gong, Lee realized that this process could be used to solve many of the problems that humans experience, both personally and on a global scale. 

When it comes to cultivating healthy relationships, it’s important to work with the origin of our thoughts and feelings and not just our external actions and behaviors. If we experience conflict with a loved one, we must look at the core elements of disharmony rather than just the symptoms of our anger or frustration. 

Just as this lesson can be applied to help us cultivate harmony within our interpersonal relationships, it can also be used to help us develop a healthy relationship with the natural world. 

Most people believe that effective policies are the answer to protecting the environment, and to a large extent, they are. But it’s also important to look beyond the policies of our governments and examine what really determines our global decision-making — education, empathy, and equal representation in government, to name a few of the core elements. 

In essence, every challenge holds lessons and opportunities that lie beneath the surface. Whether it’s Covid, a difficult relationship, or a destructive political policy, our efforts for positive growth will always be more effective when we focus on the core energies at play.

Using Qi Gong, Meditation, Herbs, and Vitamins to Stay Strong While Recovering From COVID-19

Not surprisingly, Lee turned to Qi Gong and meditation during his recovery process. 

Since the COVID virus is a form of pathogenic Qi, Lee used practices that purge negative energy from the body. Breathing, movement practices, and meditation were all used during his recovery process.

The Healing Sounds were an especially important practice for Lee. Purging pathogenic Qi from the system is one of the core elements of what Lee teaches inside his Healing Sounds Online Course. Each Healing Sound corresponds to a different organ and element within the body.

Breathing and tonifying Qi Gong practices also helped him cultivate healthy and nourishing energy to take the place of pathogenic Qi. By combining purging and tonifying exercises, Lee was able to experience a quick transformation of energy within his body.

In addition to Qi Gong and meditation practices, Lee also consumed a few herbs, supplements, and vitamins.

One of these was Quercetin which is a plant pigment that can help to reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, and inflammation. Additionally, Lee used Turkey Tail mushrooms to help boost his immune system. Vitamin C and Vitamin D were also included in his recovery remedies.

For people with an early onset of fever or sore throat, Lee also recommends Gan Mao Ling and Yin Qiao to further boost the immune system and improve respiratory health.

If you’re interested in learning more about the specific practices Lee used to boost his immune system and recover from COVID, we have a special workshop coming up in which Lee will share exactly that.

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