Being alive is no easy task.

Decisions, work, finances, relationships, and even holidays can cause stress and anxiety. We cannot control all of the challenges that come our way on a daily basis, but what we can do is choose how we respond to these challenges. 

Qi Gong offers powerful tools for becoming attuned to the body and mind to address most issues before they become problems. The difference between a rough morning and a bad day is often the difference between being responsive and reactive to the emotions within us or all around us.  Just as gardeners must water their flowers and remove weeds for their plants to blossom, each person must cultivate their qi and remove blockages for their own life force to flourish. But maintaining a practice all by yourself can be difficult, confusing, and frustrating…

Those who cultivate a regular Qi Gong practice and find support through a strong community of like-minded practitioners are better able to embrace life’s trials and challenges. This blog post will explore how being part of the Holden QiGong subscribership community can provide valuable support, structure, and guidance for your health and happiness journey.

The Importance of a Regular Practice


First off, why is it important to have a consistent Qi Gong practice? Like anything you learn, Qi Gong is a skill that is benefited by regular attention and energy. Practicing Qi Gong on a consistent basis helps you to create a powerful awareness of the body and mind, making it easier to navigate physical and emotional challenges that arise throughout the day. Those who practice less frequently may find that it takes most of their session to really drop in to a state of flow. However, those who do Qi Gong more consistently will experience a more instantaneous shift into that blissful state we all seek. A consistent practice doesn’t just benefit you because you’re getting a greater quantity of Qi Gong, it benefits you because the quality of practice is better as well.

In addition, many long-term practitioners feel that their Qi Gong practice is a powerful anchor in their day or week. We all need stability and to feel grounded in everyday life, and a consistent Qi Gong practice can provide a great way to feel rooted amidst everything else going on. It can offer a lot of support to know that you have a “sacred space” in your life where you can share a practice with others. Emotional balance, sustained health, and stability are all great reasons that many choose to integrate a consistent practice into their schedules. 

Community Support


As humans, we are community-oriented creatures and feel most alive when we can share our experiences with others. We all benefit from positive encouragement from those who share our intentions and goals. Practicing alone is great, but over time it can be easy to lose momentum and consistency. Community can provide extra energy and accountability to help you maintain a strong and consistent practice. 

Sometimes it’s nice to listen and be heard by others, and at other times it’s great to simply share space and intention. Qi Gong allows individuals to come together with the shared intention of cultivating positive life-giving energy, and overcoming challenges and weaknesses that we all face. Even if you’re following a practice online from your own living room and not physically in the Qi Gong classroom, the sense of connection and shared intention is still felt and experienced. 

We all communicate with others throughout our day, but most of the time we connect through language. Conversations and verbal processing is great, but sometimes it’s nice to simply share energy and intention. Being part of the Holden QiGong subscribership gives practitioners additional support, accountability, and community to help cultivate and sustain a strong, nourishing practice.

Guidance and Growth


Another core benefit of being part of a strong Qi Gong community is the consistent guidance and support that an experienced Qi Gong teacher can deliver. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, Lee Holden guides students through a live-taped practice that reflects the current happenings in the world and seasons. There’s a lot of value in watching pre-recorded Qi Gong programs, but there’s something extra nice about experiencing a unique class that is happening live-to-tape (well, disk ;). Every day is different and special, and it’s helpful to have a Qi Gong practice that embodies all of the uniqueness that each day brings.

Lee’s subscription classes are designed to help practitioners cultivate a consistent, nourishing practice that can become a pillar in your weekly routine. Each class addresses the energies and patterns happening in nature, the holidays, but also focuses on the parts of the body that are most relevant for the present day. 

Over time, Lee’s weekly classes take students through a wide spectrum of Qi Gong practices and routines, making them a great way to continually grow and expand your practice. Unlike a recorded program that offers a limited number of classroom hours, Lee’s live classes take students through literally hundreds of hours of new material throughout the year. This allows students to continue to grow each and every time they step onto their practice mat. Some learning happens in your conscious mind, but a lot takes place in the subconscious as well. Being exposed to new material several days a week allows your mind and body to continually integrate new wisdom and insight.

Holden QiGong Subscribership: Bringing It All Together


For students seeking a strong foundation for their Qi Gong journey, the Holden QiGong subscribership community can be a great place to start. With three weekly classes and a thriving group of like-minded individuals, both new and experienced practitioners will find great support as you seek to cultivate your practice. There’s nothing better than finding a reliable, consistent foundation in your life, and the Holden QiGong subscribership community can provide exactly that. We all encounter stress and challenges on a daily basis, and it’s important to have a strong foundation to deal with the ups and downs that life inevitably brings. 

Subscribers can choose to attend classes in-person in Santa Cruz, California, or can follow along online a few days later from the comfort of your own living room. Either way, students are able to experience Lee’s unique and timely guidance and are able to feel the support of the entire Holden QiGong community. After all, experiences and lessons are most enjoyed when shared with others.

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