A few weeks ago we shared the inspiring story of Kate DeVarney, one of Lee’s students whose transformational journey led her to the path of teaching. This week, we wanted to bring you the stories of two more of Lee’s students who made a similar decision to take Lee’s Qi Gong Teacher Training program. Through this blog post, our goal is to provide you with additional real-world feedback about what it’s like to go through Lee’s training, and how the experience impacts the rest of your practice and life as a whole.

Spencer Montgomery discovered Qi Gong when his friend, Nick Loffree invited him to one of Lee’s classes. Knowing nothing about Qi Gong but being an open minded and curious individual, Spencer decided to tag along and see what Nick was so excited about. Like most of Lee’s students, Spencer quickly had his “AHA” moment and started practicing Qi Gong on a regular basis.

First, he bought Lee’s box set to learn the foundational practices that Lee teaches. Then, he attended a few of Lee’s workshops.

Spencer is one of those people who has a lot of great ideas and energy for life, but sometimes his mind runs wild and his nerves become tense. When that happens, he feels unable to contain his energy or feel at ease in what he’s doing. Many of us know what it’s like to feel that our thoughts or emotions are running wild and out of control. Once Spencer started practicing Qi Gong, he discovered his ability to let go of stressful thinking and enter a state of flow.

In addition to it being a wonderful practice for less stress and more energy, Spencer found that Qi Gong dramatically helped him in overcoming Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (often referred to as toxic mold poisoning.) Before starting Qi Gong, Spencer lived in a house that had high levels of toxic mold. Unfortunately, that experience led to chronic headaches, double vision, and even issues with his memory. Spencer describes toxic mold poisoning as “a feeling of stagnant energy trapped in [his] brain.” By learning how to circulate his Qi, Spencer felt that he could clear the toxins and restore his mental clarity and peace. Qi Gong has also been an essential tool for helping him to overcome anxiety and live a life full of energy and confidence.

After several months of regular Qi Gong practice and growth, Spencer decided he wanted to take his relationship with Qi Gong to the next level. He enrolled in Lee’s teacher training program and got excited to keep learning!

Spencer immediately loved the opportunity to learn from Lee in a deeply immersive and engaging environment. He found that the experience allowed him to go deeper into his practice and uncover the wisdom that had been guiding the routines he was learning. Like many students, Spencer really appreciated Lee’s discussions of the Tao. He found them to be completely transformative in how he approached his Qi Gong practice.

He also valued the chance to understand the details of each movement in Lee’s routines. Learning more about the energetic qualities of each movement brought a new perspective to the practice. As Spencer puts it, cultivating a deeper understanding of the Five Elements and Three Treasures really “makes everything more meaningful.”

Going through Lee’s Teacher Training Program was completely transformative for his Qi Gong practice as a whole. In addition to having a deeper understanding of the wisdom that the practice is based on, he also learned a wide breadth of routines and meditations that he didn’t previously know. That allowed him to gain a large “arsonal” of practices to help him with the vast variety of mental, emotional, and physical experiences that we all encounter throughout life.

Sam VanAuker had a similar introduction to Qi Gong. Like with Spencer, Qi Gong “just sort of fell in [his] lap.” However, once he discovered the practice, he was immediately gripped and there was no turning back.

Sam attended Lee’s classes and took his workshops until he had the opportunity to enroll in teacher training. When asked about the experience, Sam reports that “all sorts of emotional and spiritual occurrences happened as a result of teacher training.” For Sam, delving deeper into Qi Gong allowed him to gain new insight and power into his own internal experiences. It gave him the ability to really learn the practices and how to effectively use them to work with his thoughts and feelings. The lessons were especially important for helping him to cultivate an enhanced awareness of his emotions.

As Sam points out, in Qi Gong Teacher Training we address many concepts and issues that we don’t normally touch on in daily life. In fact, a person could probably go their entire life without acknowledging many of the internal dynamics that affect all of us. However, there is a lot that occurs within us that is critically important to how we experience the world. Sam really appreciated how Lee addressed those areas head-on and with penetrating wisdom.

Qi Gong has also become an amazing point of connection between Sam and other individuals. By being a Holden Qi Gong teacher, he’s met and become friends with many other practitioners who share his enthusiasm and energy for the practice. It also opened up an opportunity to teach at a retreat center in Costa Rica, which turned out to be a valuable and enriching experience.

Both Sam and Spencer have also enjoyed teaching others. While they each enrolled in teacher training for their own personal journey, both realized how rewarding it is to share the practice with others. Whether with friends, family, or a loved one, Qi Gong is an amazing way to create a deep and meaningful connection with those you care about.

When asked if they have any advice for those considering enrolling in Lee’s Teacher Training Program, both immediately reply with encouragement and enthusiasm. Sam says: “Get after it, I don’t know why anyone would be debating it.”

Holden Qi Gong Teacher Training Program

At Holden Qi Gong, we’ve put together a complete online teacher training program that guides you every step of the way. The course is broken down into sixteen weeks of instructional video. Some of the videos are full of great informational material to help you understand the wisdom of the ancient practice. In other videos, Lee guides students through routines and meditations to help you fully experience that wisdom.

The course can be taken at your own pace, so it isn’t a problem if you have a busy schedule with limited time to practice. Of course, you can go back and rewatch the material as often as you’d like in order to memorize the routines.

Lee’s Teacher Training offers invaluable resources to help you deal with all the experiences that life has in store. Click on the banner below to learn more or register today.

By Ian Drogin