Have you ever had a positive experience that shifted your perspective on life? Maybe reading a book opened your mind to opportunities you didn’t know were possible. Or perhaps it was an event that helped you discover your passions or gifts. Whatever it was, certain experiences can have a significant impact on how you view yourself and the world.

Learning to teach Qi Gong is one such experience that can shift your perspective and help you see yourself and the world on a deeper level. And in doing so, you become more empowered to navigate life with greater confidence and clarity.

In this blog, we discuss why Qi Gong Teacher Training has this important ‘perspective-shifting’ effect for so many students.   

Understand Your Thoughts and Emotions on a Deeper Level

When you learn how to teach Qi Gong, you embark on an inward journey to know who you are at your core. This allows you to see the interconnectedness between all parts of your being so you can understand your internal experiences on a deeper level.

For example, learning to teach Qi Gong empowers you with an understanding of how the Five Elements play an important role in your physical and emotional well-being. By learning how each of the Elements manifest, you can process your emotions within the context of the Five Elements, allowing you to relate to your feelings in a new and heightened way. Love isn’t just a theoretical concept. It’s a direct reflection of the Fire Element, which you can experience as it works within your body.

This experience helps you realize that your mind, heart, and body represent three distinct yet interconnected energy centers, known as The Three Treasures. By cultivating this understanding, you can directly experience how your physical body is connected to your emotions and how your emotions are connected to your mind. 

This is why it’s essential to maintain a coherent integration between your heart, body, and mind. You’ll also be able to quickly realize when there’s an internal blockage between these three energy centers. After all, a lot of human suffering is the direct result of the mind, heart, and body becoming energetically disconnected from one another. 

Realize That You Can Directly Impact Your Sense of Wellbeing

Understanding your thoughts and feelings on a deeper level allows you to work with them in a skillful way. It enables you to directly impact your well-being and experience more peace and joy in everyday life.

While studying to become a Qi Gong teacher, you’ll learn powerful practices for letting go of old energy that no longer serves you. For example, if you feel your mind ruminating on an upsetting interaction, you can use a Qi Gong purging exercise to release the negative thought pattern. If you’re feeling fatigued and depleted, on the other hand, you can turn to some activation and tonifying practices to become more energized and alert. 

In short, the practices you learn by becoming a Qi Gong teacher help you discover how much power you truly have within yourself. Instead of allowing negative internal states to control you, you can intentionally cultivate the states of being that you wish to experience.

See the Natural Flow of Energy Within and Around You

Humans tend to see themselves and the world as a set of separate entities, and this is especially true within Western Medicine. If you go to a Western medical doctor with a stomach ache, they’ll examine your stomach and perhaps prescribe medication. If you have a headache, they’ll likely only pay attention to your head, and so on.

Learning to teach Qi Gong helps you realize how vastly interconnected everything is within and around you. You’ll learn that your emotions, thoughts, and physical body are all part of one integrated energy system, and energy constantly flows between them. This empowers you to use your physical body to cultivate mental and emotional well-being and vice versa. 

Similarly, your heightened awareness of Qi helps you recognize what external energies nourish you and which ones deplete you. You might even become more aware that certain activities or people invigorate you with inspiration and joy. And others may tend to sap your energy and diminish your sense of inner peace.  

Discover Why Doing Less Often Allows You to Accomplish More

There are many challenges in life that can’t be solved. If you’re stuck in traffic, getting upset and honking your horn won’t help the other cars move faster. If you’re angry at someone, thinking about their negative qualities isn’t going to magically alleviate your frustration or change who they are.

Although these reactions come naturally, it doesn’t mean they’re constructive or productive. In fact, spending energy overthinking challenging situations or running around trying to change the world around you only depletes your energy and leads you further into a state of stress.

When you learn how to become a Qi Gong teacher, you discover that the best “solution” to many external challenges is simply to observe, acknowledge, and let go. Instead of holding onto negative thought patterns or stress, you can create distance between yourself and the situation. This invaluable skill allows you to move forward in life instead of getting stuck and weighed down. And when you can move forward, you can focus your energy on accomplishing the things that really matter—your relationships, your purpose, and your well-being. 

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