Are you one of those busy people who love Qi Gong but don’t always practice as much as you’d like? Are you sometimes confused about how to integrate Qi Gong into your schedule? Without structure and support, it can be easy to let your practice fall by the wayside. Qi Gong is one of those things like eating healthy: It’s extremely important for long-term health and balance, but doesn’t always beg for attention like some other things going on in your life.

This blog post will discuss the importance of finding a healthy rhythm in your Qi Gong journey, and ways to ensure that happens. Some say they’re too busy for a regular Qi Gong or meditation practice. We say, the busiest people are those who need it the most.

A Pattern of Busyness


Sometimes, it can be easy to give our time and energy to the parts of our life that call for immediate help. The idiom, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” truly applies to most people’s decision making process for where to invest themselves. It’s certainly important to not ignore problems and address your issues head-on, but everything deserves balance.

Humans are creatures of habit, and in modern life, it can be really easy to get into a mindset of constantly seeking external problems to solve. Work, family plans, children, and finances often get the better part of our attention span. However, our ability to show up fully in our external world is directly related to how well we maintain our internal haven.

Just as humans are susceptible to harmful habits that don’t serve us, we’re also able to choose a life that is balanced and nurturing. This can require changing our mental framework to see the big picture. Instead of viewing external ambitions as being in conflict with our inner practice (because of time scarcity), we can see that the two truly do complement one another. Every castle needs a solid inner foundation to stand the test of time, and the same is true of human beings.

If you need evidence of the importance of cultivating inner harmony, just think about your relationships. When you’re feeling grounded and balanced, don’t you experience more joy and connectedness with those you love? When you’re feeling energized and inspired, isn’t it easier to commit your full attention to something you’re working on?

Life isn’t just about going through the motions and doing what you’re supposed to do. It’s about finding enjoyment and peace in daily living.

Qi Flows Where Attention Goes


So now that we’ve established the importance of finding balance, how do you find a healthy, sustainable routine?

Firstly, we believe it’s important to make a mindful decision that you’re going to practice Qi Gong regularly.

Secondly, we’ve found that most people do best when they have support and community in their Qi Gong journey. When you’re able to connect with like-minded individuals who all share a passion for cultivating their Qi and finding balance, it’s easier to stay inspired. You don’t even have to be standing next to the person you’re practicing with. Even just knowing that others are practicing with you all around the country can give a fresh boost of motivation and excitement.

Thirdly, it’s extremely valuable to have a teacher who knows how to speak your language and guide you through various practices. When you can relax and follow along with an intentional, inspiring practice, it’s easy to let go and really enjoy an experience of Qi.

In addition to a strong community and direction, it’s also important to have variety and continuity. Each day and each season is different, and every practice deserves its own unique touch to welcome in the energies of the present moment. A wise teacher knows how to connect to the here and now, and guide students through a practice that is most relevant and timely to what is going on in the natural world.

There’ an old saying, “Qi flows where attention goes.” In other words, the things we pay attention to in life are those that will manifest most fully. By making a mindful decision to make Qi Gong part of your daily life, you’re inviting Qi and life force energy to flow more freely to all parts of your being. The result is health, emotional balance, and mental clarity.

An Invitation for You


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By Ian Drogin