Everyone has their own unique set of strengths and challenges. When it comes to treating health ailments, no two people are exactly alike. However, Qi Gong is a practice that can be applied to help a wide variety of different physical and mental health conditions.

Students often ask Lee Holden how they can use Qi Gong to treat specific ailments—be it an ankle injury, nerve damage, back pain, headaches, or any other condition they may be dealing with.

While there are certainly many Qi Gong practices designed for specific conditions, it doesn’t mean that only certain exercises can help. If you understand the general principles of Qi Gong, you can apply almost any Qi Gong practice to your individual needs.

In this blog, we discuss how you can use ‘general’ Qi Gong practices for your own specific healing intentions. This allows you to personalize your Qi Gong routine, giving you more freedom and flexibility in your practice. 

Healing the Parts By Healing the Whole

In Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, we take a more holistic approach when viewing the body. In other words, we understand that all parts are connected and dependent on one another. 

For example, if you’re having neck or back pain, we don’t only pay attention to those areas of the body. Rather, we look at elements such as stress, body posture, and other imbalances in order to address the root cause of pain.

Based on this approach, it’s easy to understand how ‘general’ Qi Gong practices can be used to treat specific ailments. When you practice Qi Gong, you release stagnant Qi and increase the circulation of energy throughout the body. By doing so, your entire body experiences Qi Gong’s healing effects, including areas that are in pain or discomfort. 

Qi Gong helps to rebalance your body’s natural energy system and allows all parts of your being to flourish. Therefore, even if you’re not focused on a specific ailment when you practice Qi Gong (i.e. neck pain), you’ll still experience healing in that part of your body.

So, the next time you’re wondering, “How can I use Qi Gong to address XYZ?” just remember that all Qi Gong practices can help with healing. Qi Gong activates your body’s innate healing potential, which is naturally applied wherever it’s needed.   

In addition to doing your regular Qi Gong practice, there are a couple of additional steps you can take to channel additional healing energy.

Let Your Intuition Guide Your Practice

Qi Gong is all about using your intuition to guide your practice. Even when Lee is teaching new movements, it’s your own intuition and sense of energy that allows you to feel the Qi moving within your body.

It’s always important to be in touch with your own needs when you do Qi Gong, but this is especially true when you’re experiencing a health issue. If part of your body is out of balance, try to pay extra attention to your energetic needs as you practice.

One of the great things about Qi Gong is that it gives you a heightened awareness of your body. By slowing down and directing your full attention inward, you’re able to understand your body on a deeper level. 

If there’s a specific ailment or issue that you’re concerned about, try to direct a little extra attention to that area. When you attune your awareness to a specific part of your body, you can allow your intuition to guide your practice. 

Sometimes, this may mean sending some extra energy and healing intention to the area. At other times, it may mean modifying your movements slightly to work with your body in a way that feels more nourishing. If you’re an experienced practitioner, you might feel called to try a specific exercise that best suits your body’s needs.

By allowing your intuition to guide your practice, you can turn any Qi Gong routine into a healing experience. So, relax, tune into your own needs, and let the energy move you. 

Channel Energy Where It’s Needed Most

Part of using your intuition to guide your practice includes knowing how to channel energy throughout your being. When you do Qi Gong, your body naturally becomes charged up with nourishing Qi, which gives you the perfect opportunity to direct that energy where it’s needed the most.

There’s an old adage in Qi Gong, “Qi flows where the mind goes.” This saying applies to many aspects of life. Whether you’re trying to accomplish a work goal or seeking to heal, your efforts will be more effective if you can focus your energy in the right places. If you’re dealing with a health condition or pain, try to guide energy to that part of your body. 

To do this, close your eyes and visualize nourishing Qi flowing to wherever it’s needed. You can do this visualization practice while you’re doing the movements, or you can pause the movements and focus on your energetic experience. As you direct energy, visualize it flowing effortlessly, melting away any stagnation and restoring vitality throughout your body.

This is just one way to use the power of visualization to channel your energy and restore balance. When you combine these principles with your intuition, you can discover limitless ways to work with your body’s innate healing potential.

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