New Years Resolutions

Thinking and dreaming about the life you want to create can be quite enjoyable. However, in order to bring your aspirations into reality, it’s important to align your internal energy with your true intentions. Fortunately, Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong provide powerful insights that can help you fully embody your New Year’s resolutions this holiday season. 

In this blog, you’ll discover how to use the principles of Qi Gong to set clear intentions that you follow through with. You’ll also learn a ten-minute Qi Gong routine designed to help you integrate the intention-setting power that Qi Gong offers. 

How to Get in Touch with Your Truest Intentions

There are often a million possibilities that come to mind when choosing goals. However, to set meaningful goals that come to fruition, it’s important to gain clarity about what you truly want. 

Indecisiveness can be natural and healthy at times, but it’s not conducive to accomplishing your goals or aspirations. You must first gain clarity to truly progress in fulfilling your intentions. 

To do this, start by creating space for yourself. Give yourself permission to dream about whatever your heart longs for. Take some time to walk in nature and journal about what you want. Ignore limiting beliefs or thought patterns and allow yourself to connect to your deepest and truest self.

When you give yourself the opportunity to dream, your true and authentic intentions will often emerge. Once you become aware of this inner truth, it’s time to establish it in more concrete terms. 

How to Set Clear and Concrete Intentions

Words are often more powerful than thoughts because words create form. This gives greater clarity and directedness to your thoughts, allowing energy to move in a more purposeful and intentional way. If you want to take it a step further, write down your intentions.  

When you journal about your New Year’s resolution, try to write with as much detail and vividness as possible. Don’t just list the end result of what you want to achieve, but also how you’ll feel. For example, if you want to reach a certain fitness level, don’t just list, “I want to be fit.” Instead, consider writing something like, “I want to be healthy and enjoy long mountain hikes with my partner and children.”

The more clearly you spell out your intentions with feeling and emotion, the more powerful they’ll be. In Qi Gong, there is a saying, “Where your mind goes, Qi flows.” In other words, if you can paint a vivid picture in your mind of what your intentions are, your energy will naturally start to take shape in that form. 

Why It’s Important to Align Your Energy with Your Intentions

Once you’ve established your intentions on paper, it’s time to align your energy with the vision you created.

To truly take action and move toward your aspirations, you need to fully integrate the intentions you set. In other words, it’s often not enough to write your goals down on paper and then forget about them. Over time, their message will fade, and your energy will disperse in many other directions. 

To stay consistent while pursuing your goals, you must align your full energy with your intentions. Part of this includes reminding yourself of your goals. One way to do this is to keep your intentions posted where they’re visible every day, such as on your mirror or desk. Take a few moments to read them in the morning or before bed. This will help your energy stay directed in the way you’ve set for yourself. 

While your intellectual mind has great power when it comes to directing energy, it’s important to bring your intentions even deeper within yourself. When you practice Qi Gong, you can fully integrate your New Year’s resolutions into your energetic awareness.

How to Use Qi Gong to Set Intentions and Align Your Energy

Qi Gong has many benefits, and one of them is that it serves as a “bridge” between all parts of who you are. Therefore, Qi Gong is a wonderful way to channel intentions into your energetic body, allowing your full being to align with your purpose and truth. When you practice Qi Gong, your intentions become more deeply ingrained within. 

Although Qi Gong can help you manifest all different types of intentions, it’s especially powerful for manifesting intentions within yourself. For example, internal intentions such as the intention to experience greater joy and love can often take hold easily with Qi Gong. This is because you always have the most control when working with your internal energy instead of your external energy. 

To put theory into practice, here’s a brief yet powerful Qi Gong routine designed to help set clear intentions this New Year’s!

10-Minute Qi Gong Routine to Set New Year’s Intentions

Learn More Qi Gong Practices to Help You Manifest Your Intentions in the New Year

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