Master Qi Gong teacher Lee Holden has always been devoted to spreading Qi Gong wisdom, but his efforts have always been focused within the private sector. That is, until now…

As an election year unfolds in the U.S. and other nations, Lee Holden has decided to make a bold and decisive announcement with far-reaching implications. Starting on May 1st, he will establish a new political party that seeks to bring the ancient wisdom of Qi Gong into the modern-day political process. Get ready to welcome​​ the Qi Party! (Read to the end to learn how you can support Qi Party candidates) 

Although much is still unknown about the Qi Party, Lee has revealed some of the core values that the party will stand for, along with a general strategy for carrying out those values on the world stage.

Qi Party Values

At this point, the Qi Party platform is focused on establishing and promoting legislation that impacts the very core of the political process. It will seek to transform how leaders work together and come to decisions.

In Qi Gong, there’s an understanding that energy must flow and circulate within the body to ensure health and vitality. While most Qi Gong practices focus on internal energy within your body, this principle also extends to social structures such as governments. When there is a disconnect between individuals’ thoughts, feelings, and energies, social and political disharmony ensues, which prevents leadership bodies from functioning properly.

In order to bring this Qi Gong principle into the mainstream political process, the Qi Party will seek to pass legislation that requires all congressional sessions to commence with a thirty-minute Qi Gong session. All present politicians, including Senators, House Representatives, Presidents, and Vice Presidents, will be required to practice Qi Gong together. The Qi Gong sessions will focus on letting go of pent-up anger, getting emotionally grounded, and activating spiritual energy to connect to (Shen). 

The idea is to help all members of leadership start each session from a grounded and connected place so collaboration is productive and decisions are made in alignment with higher spiritual consciousness.

This idea has already gained some traction among members from multiple political parties. In fact, during a “trial run” last week in Washington, undisclosed Senators agreed to practice Qi Gong together before a closed-door debate on a sensitive issue. After the Qi Gong session, they engaged in a lengthy discussion that both sides hailed as a major step forward. We can’t release the names of the Senators or the topic they were discussing, but the session was quoted as “an unprecedented victory for the power of Qi Gong and its ability to positively impact the political process.”  

Unfortunately, this Qi Party legislation has already received some pushback from certain politicians. One high-profile individual called it “un-American,” and another said, “These Qi Gong practitioners should go back to Santa Cruz.” One small group even called for the banning of Qi Gong books.

However, others have welcomed the Qi Party with open arms. During Lee’s recent appearance at an event in Washington, DC, a group of supporters even started doing the Qi Gong exercise, “Tree Sways in the Wind,” to show solidarity with Lee.

There are many other elements that will be part of the Qi Party platform, but Lee said these won’t be released until the official launch on May 1st.   

Qi Party Candidates and Goals

It’s still unclear what will happen, but there’s been a rumor that a few Qi Party candidates will be running for election in the House of Representatives. One seat in the U.S. Senate may even see a Qi Party candidate vying for U.S. Senatorship. 

There is also speculation that the Qi Party will seek to create a global “Qi Council” within the United Nations. This would be a major step forward in uniting world leaders around the practice of Qi Gong. Within the Qi Council, world leaders would integrate Qi Gong practices into their discussions and debates.

In the long run, the goal would be to have political discussions carried out through Qi Gong. In other words, in the Qi Council, select world leaders would each do Qi Gong movements to communicate their thoughts and positions on various issues. Other world leaders would respond by offering their own Qi Gong movement in a collaborative practice that helps establish energetic agreement across national and political lines, paving the way for legislative agreements to follow. Energetic alignment is a powerful step towards intellectual alignment.  

Although Lee Holden hasn’t come forward to announce his own candidacy for a political office, many believe that he’ll be seeking an elected position within the federal government—perhaps in the House of Representatives or even the Senate. One source close to Lee claimed he may run for U.S. President in 2028 if things go well between now and then, but this claim has been neither confirmed nor denied. Only time will tell how quickly the Qi Party rises to popularity.  

Will Lee Holden Continue to Teach Qi Gong Classes?   

For now, yes, Lee Holden will continue to teach Qi Gong classes to non-politician students in addition to his Qi Party responsibilities. However, at Holden QiGong, we’ll need to warn our students that there may be some high-profile political figures showing up to his weekly Qi Gong subscription classes. 

If you want to have the opportunity to practice Qi Gong with your favorite (or least favorite) politicians, be sure to sign up for Free Two-Week Qi Gong Trial, which will be the first large-scale trial run where Senators and Representatives alike will learn the dance-like movements to communicate across party lines. When you sign up, you can be part of the experience! But first, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for an important announcement.

APRIL FOOLS!!!!! Although it might be a good idea, Lee Holden doesn’t plan to establish the Qi Party anytime soon. However, we hope you enjoyed this April Fools blog, and we still encourage you to sign up for the Free Two-Week Qi Gong Trial. 🙂