Lee Holden Doing Qi Gong in People's Park, China

Me doing some morning Qi Gong in People’s Park.

Ni Hao (Hello in Chinese),

I’ve just returned from a spontaneous, Qi expanding trip to China. A good friend and teacher of mine had private council with a Tibetan master coming out of seclusion to give some teachings. As soon as I was invited, I knew I just had to go.

Each morning, I would get up early and “play” Qi Gong in People’s Park. Qi Gong wasn’t seen as something you “practiced”, rather something that enlivened the body and made you feel light and joyful, hence the word “play”. Qi Gong isn’t something that you “should” do just for the many health benefits. Qi Gong is something to do for it’s own sake, simply because it’s so enjoyable.

Lee Holden and Friends sitting on the floor taking a picture with a Tibetan Master Teacher

Here I am with my friends, Todd (our camera guy), the Tibetan Master and his translator.

Below you’ll find a series of videos from China, some educational, some basic morning routines, and some just for fun.

Qi Gong is an amazing resource to help us nurture our positive inner qualities – to help us grow, transform the old into the new, and breathe in the abundance of life that surrounds us.

Here’s to playing more Qi Gong,

— Lee