As one of the most-watched movies of all time, Star Wars has inspired millions of people around the world with its revolutionary cinematography and captivating storyline. In the decades following its 1977 debut, the movie series continues to fascinate audiences of all ages, establishing itself as a generational classic. 

While Stars may have introduced never-before-seen cinematic elements, the principles depicted in the Force are anything but new. Long before Obi-Wan Kenobi taught young Luke Skywalker about the mysterious energy that flows through all living beings, Taoist sages were teaching the same exact principles to their disciples in ancient China (well, Obi-Wan might have been the first since Star Wars happened “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”).

In this blog, we discuss how the principles of Qi Gong may have inspired the Force in Star Wars. We also talk about how you can use Qi Gong to become a modern-day Jedi, even if you don’t have access to your own X-Wing to fly to the Dagobah System to find Master Yoda (warning: this blog may contain references that could be unfamiliar to non-Star Wars fans).

Where Did “The Force” Come From?

One of the key elements in Star Wars is the presence of the Force—a mysterious energy that exists within, around, and between all things in the universe. By acquiring great skill and training, practitioners known as Jedis can harness the Force. This allows them to accomplish impressive feats of power and strength. 

This description of the Force mirrors the definition of Qi, which has been a central part of Chinese medicine and Qi Gong for thousands of years. It’s widely believed that Star Wars creator, George Lucas, used the principles of Qi Gong when creating the Star Wars movie series. 

To go a step deeper, it also seems that George Lucas borrowed the idea that this mysterious life-force energy connects to breath and respiration. In Chinese Medicine, breath is the most immediate source of Qi. In Star Wars, the Force exists in the human body in cells known as Midichlorians. If a Jedi has a lot of Midichlorians, it means that the Force is very strong in their body. (Some Star Wars fans may recall that young Anakin Skywalker had over 20,000 Midichlorians, which is even more than Master Yoda.)

Many believe that Midchlorians are based on Mitochondria. Mitochondria are the ‘respiratory organs’ of human cells and contain significant energy. Although Mitochondria aren’t specific to Chinese Medicine, it seems there’s a clear connection between Midchlorians in Star Wars and Mitochondria. This further supports the idea that the Force and Qi both have very similar meanings.

How to Use Qi Gong to Become a Modern-Day Jedi

In Star Wars, Jedis learn how to use their mind and body to work with the Force. Once they become highly skilled, they use their powers to fight evil forces (often, Sith Lords). Siths threaten peace and prosperity in the galaxy.

When we learn how to skillfully work with Qi, we can experience many of the same powers that Jedis learn by studying the Force. Our battles may take place on a more internal level, but the principles are often the same. 

In everyday life, many of us encounter challenging internal experiences such as stress, anger, or sadness. If we don’t know how to face such feelings in a skillful way, they can lead to destructive outcomes in our lives. In some cases, internal challenges can negatively impact our work, relationships, and health.

When we’re able to work skillfully with the Qi within us (the Force), we can overcome these internal challenges. This empowers us to restore peace and harmony to our mind and body. 

By becoming a ‘Qi Jedi’ we learn how to protect ourselves against negative external energy. If someone directs misplaced anger toward us, we can let their harsh words bounce right off. Just think of how a Jedi deflects lasers with a lightsaber. 

Like Jedi training, Qi Gong teaches us how to work with the mysterious life-force energy that flows within us. It allows us to understand ourselves on a deeper level. By doing so, it empowers us with the tools to positively impact all aspects of our being.

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