When Lee Holden gets in front of the camera and prepares to teach, students see a skilled Qi Gong master. However, what they don’t always see are all the moving parts that support the process… the camera work, video editing, email copywriting, class moderating, customer support team, and numerous other roles that are quietly carried out behind the scenes.

Since it truly takes a team to share Lee’s message, it’s important to us to acknowledge and honor each individual who contributes to our mission. In this blog, we introduce you to Amber, a recent addition to our team with invaluable skills, a convivial personality, and inspiring life ambitions. As everyone at Holden QiGong can attest to, Amber’s presence makes us a better, more impactful company in the world.  

Amber’s Role at Holden QiGong

Amber’s initial role was to help moderate our Video Classes, which she continues to do with great skill and enthusiasm. Soon after joining the team, she took on additional roles and responsibilities, including helping with email scheduling and content planning. These roles allow her to collaborate with other members of the Holden QiGong team.

As the Video Class Moderator, Amber helps students get the most out of Lee’s lessons. Sometimes, this means helping a student solve a technical problem. At other times, she answers topic-related questions in the live chat. And then there’s the students whom she gets to encourage and provide motivation for. 

Amber is fundamental in helping us nurture and support our global Qi Gong community. She helps us ensure that our students feel safe and supported and makes sure that people know that we’re here for them. Since Lee’s classes are offered online, we constantly strive to create as close to an in-person experience as possible. Amber is a big part of that effort. 

When asked how she feels about her role, Amber responds with humble gratitude. She loves that she’s part of a team that changes people’s lives for the better. Seeing students experience profound transformations and progress gives her a deep sense of appreciation for her work. Also, whenever a student acknowledges or thanks her in the chat, it gives her an extra boost of gratitude and joy (feel free to send her a message the next time she’s moderating a video class).

How Amber Joined the Holden QiGong Team

Before the pandemic, Amber worked in a restaurant. While she’s always excelled at working with others, her experiences in the service industry also taught her what she doesn’t enjoy. Namely, she didn’t appreciate the feeling of being mistreated or unappreciated at times.

Like most restaurant workers, Amber lost her job at the start of the pandemic, prompting her to think about what she really wants in life. Voice acting was one idea she decided to pursue. In addition, she went on a job-posting website in search of her next career move.

When she started browsing through job listings, one popped out at her. Holden QiGong was looking for a Video Class Moderator who had many of the skills that came naturally to her—being on camera, being a good listener, and helping others. 

The more she learned, the more she was interested, and not just because of the job description. She could sense that Holden QiGong really made a difference in people’s lives, and that was something that excited her. In her words, “it just felt real.” Plus, she had 15 years of yoga experience and was already familiar with Qi Gong.

Soon after she completed the application process, she was welcomed to the Holden QiGong team. 

Personal Life, Becoming a Mother, and Ambitions for the Future

Amber loves Qi Gong, music, yoga (yes, you can do both :), and spending time with her husband and family. She’s also passionate about music and food, having performed in a choir and worked as a professional cake decorator. And like most members of the Holden QiGong team, she loves being in nature and on the beach.

At the time of writing this, Amber and her husband are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their baby girl! She’s currently six months pregnant and in the process of choosing a name. Some of their top picks include Melody Rose, Rhiannon Belle, Leia, and Emma.

Amber is committed to being a loving and supportive mother, while also providing the freedom for her daughter to be her own person. She admires both of her parents and wants to provide the same positive parenting experience for her own child. 

As excited as she is to meet her daughter, the journey is not without the inevitable ‘scariness’ of becoming a parent. Amber is determined to be fully present and supportive, while also not losing herself through the process. As Lee teaches, balance is key, and she intends to stay aware of her own desires and needs even while learning what it means to be a parent.

Amber and her husband dream of a time when they can build their own catamaran and sail the world. They’ve been researching and doing some scouting trips, but their plans are still in the early stages. However, they know that they love freedom, adventure, and living life to the fullest. Since Qi flows where the mind goes, we know that they’re well-positioned to bring their vision to fruition.

At Holden QiGong, we’re so grateful that Amber is part of our team! We know that her vibrant personality and passion for helping others is a gift to our entire global Qi Gong community.