When Sean discovered the opportunity to become part of the Holden QiGong team, he knew it would be a great fit. Not only does Holden QiGong’s mission align with his personal values, but it also provides him with the opportunity to channel his unique gifts in a way that truly serves others. In fact, if you’ve ever asked us a question through one of our social media channels, there’s a good chance that you’ve interacted with Sean.

In this blog, we introduce you to Sean, who works “behind the scenes” to support our students and ensure that all members of our community feel safe and welcome. He also happens to be a thoughtful and kind person who is well-loved by students and colleagues alike.

Sean’s Role at Holden QiGong Team

Almost two years ago, Sean saw a job listing on the Indeed marketplace for a student support role at Holden QiGong. He already knew a few of the team members and felt confident that it would be a great place to work. After a couple of interviews with Courtney, Robin, and Todd, his intuition was confirmed.   

Sean’s first role at Holden QiGong was to respond to support emails. Since Sean loves helping people, he excelled at answering questions, connecting with students, and applying his knowledge of Qi Gong and wellness. His natural ability of clear and considerate communication helped him ensure that our students received kind and helpful support. 

Soon after, Sean started working with Holden QiGong’s social media accounts, which he continues to do today. As part of his role, Sean is responsible for approving posts and managing short-form video content. He also responds to questions and comments posted on our social media pages so all students feel heard and supported. In many ways, Sean is an important voice of Holden QiGong, especially since so many of our students connect with us through social media.

Sean’s role is a perfect fit for him as he loves helping others have their needs met. Sometimes, this means answering an important question that enables a student to continue their progress. At other times, it means helping to inspire and empower others, or offering compassion when it’s needed. Sean’s role requires him to really put himself in others’ shoes so he can truly understand where they’re at in order to most effectively help and guide them.

Personal Passions and Interests

Like many members of the Holden QiGong community, Sean is deeply passionate about health and wellness in all aspects of his life. He loves that being healthy empowers him to do the activities he enjoys while feeling balanced and grounded. Having grown up in the Philippines and traveled extensively in Asia, Sean has been learning about Eastern philosophies and spiritual practices most of his life, which have further contributed to his appreciation for holistic health and wellness.

Sean’s passion for health and wellness is reflected in numerous ways. In addition to eating well, Sean also goes to the gym daily and spends significant time in nature. Some of his favorite outdoor activities include camping, rock climbing, mountaineering, and hiking. Also, as a free and fun spirit, Sean loves to embark on spontaneous road trips and other adventures with friends and loved ones. 

In addition to his tendency toward outward curiosity and exploration, Sean loves to delve into the realms of fantasy and fiction. Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones fuel his imagination and give him inspiration. After all, these movies do provide accurate depictions of how Qi flows and transforms in the world we live in. Clearly, Sean is a ‘well-rounded’ individual with diverse interests and appreciations. 

Goals and Aspirations

True to the intentions of Holden QiGong, Sean’s biggest goal is to empower others to experience greater health and wellbeing in daily living. To do that, he aspires to become a health and fitness coach. He intends to make that leap once he feels he’s acquired enough experience to have a deep and positive impact on those he intends to serve. Sean even dreams of becoming a life coach at some point in his future.

Sean likes to connect with people in a way that leads to inspiration and empowerment, which makes it no surprise that Tony Robbins is one of the biggest heroes. He loves the idea of being able to tap into others’ inner potential to grow and expand. He sees that Lee is able to make a lasting, positive impression in people’s lives and recognizes how powerful that is. In his own life, these experiences have helped him live by the principles of Qi Gong, and now he wants to continue sharing those principles with others. 

From all of us at Holden QiGong, we’re so grateful that Sean’s goals align with our company values. We look forward to helping him grow as we serve our global ‘Qi’ community together.