EP. 69 “There is a way in which we can ask good questions, and I think that is the bridge I often use to help people discover these latent powers within themselves and their own human potential.”

What do you do if you feel pain in your body? If you’re like a lot of people, then your instinct will be to reach for the painkillers. But what if that’s not the right thing to do?

Our western culture is very cerebral. We spend a lot of time in our heads, while ignoring the calling of our body. It can be hard to express emotions and even more difficult to process them. As a result, we experience a lot of dis-ease.

After a back injury while playing soccer, Lee was told he’d be out for the rest of the season. He took pain medication, but when the pills affected his digestion he sought a different route for healing. To his surprise, acupuncture made him better after just a few weeks and he was back in the team faster than anyone predicted. This profound healing experience reignited Lee’s passion for understanding energy and inspired him to practice Qi Gong.

Qi Gong is a mind, body, spirit practice that helps us reconnect with our life force by opening the flow of the energy meridians. Through a combination of posture, movement, breathing, sound, and focus, Qi Gong can help us deal with stress and dis-ease. Lee has practiced Qi Gong for over 25 years and helped over 10,000 students feel less stressed and more energetic. Working with the energy of the ‘three treasures’ (the mind, body, and heart), Lee’s work empowers people to live their happiest, most vibrant, most fulfilled lives. You’ll find out how in this episode.