Qi Gong for Inner Alchemy is an ancient Taoist practice designed to help us access the limitless power of the universe that exists within each of us. In Qi Gong, we’re always striving to understand the energies and elements that circulate throughout our minds and body. Qi Gong for Inner Alchemy is the practice of integrating the elements that exist within ourselves to transcend our physical form and experience our “body of light.” This blog post will explore our boundless potential to reconnect with universal consciousness, and discuss how Qi Gong for Inner Alchemy can help us to transform heavy, stagnant energy into pure, radiant light.

The Universe Within Each of Us


Conflict and discord are visible everywhere in the physical world. Within humans, an imbalance between the various elements often leads to emotional or physical challenges. After all, how can you feel in alignment when different parts of yourself are at odds with one another? According to ancient Taoist sages, each person has the capacity to transform our heavy, stagnant energy into pure, radiant light. The common analogy is transforming lead into gold. Qi Gong for Inner Alchemy helps us to integrate and blend each element within ourselves to experience our highest state of consciousness. When all elements are fully integrated and aligned, the consciousness within the body elevates and awareness can expand beyond place or time to connect to the entire universe. Thus, we can cultivate original qi and expand consciousness, feeling the connection to the universe.


What does it mean to integrate various elements within the body, and how does that lead to elevated consciousness? Each element within the body carries different energies and qualities that serve us in various ways. For example, the wood element is associated with the qualities of both kindness and anger, while the metal element is associated with courage and sadness. If you reflect on your life and the decisions you face, you may notice that many challenges arise when these qualities are at conflict with one another. Anyone who is wrestling with a decision about whether or not to embark on a daring adventure may notice an inner battle taking place between the courage of the metal element, and tranquility of the water element.


Qi Gong for Inner Alchemy helps us to move past the separation between the elements within our body. For the wood and metal elements mentioned above, the blending of these two results in the union of courage and kindness. Similarly, the blending of water and fire leads to the integration of other core energies such as gentleness and love.


We are all a part of the universe and our inner worlds reflect the happenings of the entire cosmos. In Qi Gong for Inner Alchemy, we take the way of the universe and look inward to bring our full beings into alignment with the Tao.

Qi Gong for Inner Alchemy


Behind all Qi Gong practices lies an intention. Different movements, postures, and meditations welcome in various energies and transformations within our beings. Some of our previous blog posts explored how different Qi Gong practices can cultivate and nourish the five elements within ourselves. Qi Gong for Inner Alchemy builds upon five elements theory to bring full integration between all elements and energies within ourselves.


Qi Gong for Inner Alchemy works with both standing movements as well as sitting practices. Like many Qi Gong routines, Inner Alchemy practices take practitioners through an intentional sequence to work with Qi, which includes cultivating, circulating, clearing, exchanging, transforming, and storing energy.


Qi Gong for Inner Alchemy pays special attention to the process of transforming, as we seek to transform toxic energy into healthy and vibrant life force potential. A new practitioner will quickly experience some of the benefits that this transformation awakens, but for most practitioners, many years of dedicated work is necessary to experience full universal consciousness.


Another core intention of Qi Gong for Inner Alchemy is to combine energies into a concentrated Pearl of Consciousness in the Lower Tan Tien. Through a unique practice, practitioners can experience this special point of consciousness grow and become a powerful seed for your Body of Light.

Taoist Inner Alchemy Workshop


On October 21st to 25th, Lee Holden is going to be leading practitioners through several powerful practices to transform the body’s heavy, lead-like energy into vibrant, golden light energy. The immersion will teach students several ancient practices including Postures of Power, an Inner Alchemy Meditation, and the Fusion of the Five Elements meditation. Lee will also share Taoist Shamanism beliefs and practices about life, death, and nature, as well as provide powerful tools for a home self-practice. By cultivating and integrating the gifts that already lie within our beings, Lee’s immersion is intended to help practitioners transform consciousness and elevate vitality for a healthier life. Click on the banner below to learn more or sign up today.