Lee went to the UK to shoot a movie. While he was there he shot a few short videos and routines… including a 5 minute, 42 second routine, where he offers a short Qi Gong practice to help you relax your nervous system.

When you work it is easy for your energy to get stagnant. Stagnant energy makes your mind foggy and you might find it hard to focus.

When you get your energy to circulate, it helps clear your mind and focus your mind so whatever you do next you do with more clarity.

This routine will help you let go of any stress and stagnant energy you might be holding right now…

…so you can be in service in just the right way.

Lee explains how, when you send out positive energy, positive energy comes back to you… and shares a practice to send positive energy out into the world and all areas of your life.

Because when energy flows, you can be anywhere in the world and feel good.