With the right support, our body contains powerful resources for self-healing. In a society that focuses primarily on external methodologies for improving health, it can be easy to overlook some of the most valuable tools that exist within us.

Qi Gong offers thousands of practices that are all aimed at working with our internal energy for a variety of purposes. Among those, self-healing is one of the most important intentions that we can seek to experience. 

Buddha Palm is a form of Qi Gong that allows us to cultivate good health through working with our natural stores of Qi that flow within us. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the principles of this powerful practice.

Harnessing Our Own Healing Power

Behind the visible appearances of health lies a myriad of energetic elements working within us. Each aspect of our body’s state is intimately connected to the flow of Qi throughout our being. Therefore, how we relate to this intangible force plays a significant role in our wellbeing.

Although our body has a natural tendency to gravitate toward a state of health, we’re complex creatures, and there are many experiences and occurrences that can steer us off course. In the end, most health ailments are a reflection of losing touch with the natural flow and harmony of the world around us.

Buddha Palm helps us to cultivate health and vitality by allowing us to nourish our natural energy and reconnecting us with the forces of nature. By activating and working with the energy that’s already inside of us, we’re able to boost our immune system and build physical vitality.

In addition to awakening dormant or blocked Qi that’s already within us, Buddha Palm Qi Gong also teaches us to strengthen our connection to energies around us. By doing so, we’re able to embody the wisdom and power of the universe, the earth, and in nature.

You can think of your body as a big radio antena that’s able to pick up different frequencies to channel energy. Just like antennas can tune into different radio stations in order to produce different kinds of music, your mind and body has a similar ability to tune into various energetic frequencies that are transmitting around us.

Too often, people choose to pick up energetic radio stations that aren’t healthy for our mind and body. When you allow your consciousness to be subsumed by toxic messages and disempowering media, you’re unconsciously draining your body of its vital Qi.

Instead of aligning your energy with influences that don’t serve you, Buddha Palm Qi Gong helps us to attune ourselves to the ultimate sources of health and vitality—the universe, earth, and nature.

Finding Harmony With The Natural World

By helping us tune into the forces of the natural world, Buddha Palm Qi Gong practices can allow us to channel the healing energy that surrounds us. Together, the forces of the universe, earth, and nature offer powerful lessons that we can learn to embody. 

In Qi Gong, we talk a lot about how each person is a microcosm of the entire cosmos. In other words, if we look closely at ourselves, we’ll be able to see and feel the grander reality mirrored within us.

Our physical body reflects the earth’s energy. Just as our planet is the dense, physical matter that holds all life, our body is the vessel in which all thoughts, feelings, and experiences occur. It’s the most tangible part of ourselves and serves as the foundation for growth.

The mind and spiritual consciousness embodies the energy of the universe. As the most ethereal part of ourselves, our spiritual awareness channels the force of the universe into our lives. When we’re really in touch with the flow of the cosmos, we can feel its inspiration and guidance throughout all of our experiences. 

Our emotions correspond with the force of nature. Just as nature is a blend of the earth and the universe, our emotions lie at the juncture of our physical and spiritual awareness. Plants and animals are a manifestation of both their physical environment (the earth) as well as the energies of the sun, moon, and stars (universe). Similarly, our emotions are a creation of our physical impulses combined with our higher spiritual awareness.

When we’re able to truly and deeply pay attention to the flow of these natural forces, we can learn to embody the harmony that is reflected in the universe. By doing so, our health, emotions, and spiritual awareness are nourished and cultivated.    

Buddha Palm Qi Gong works with a variety of exercises to help us experience this harmonization and alignment throughout our full being. Some of its practices are aimed at helping us attune our awareness of these forces, while others work with the energy we cultivate to bring it to the parts of ourselves that need it the most. 

Our hands are especially important in Buddha Palm practices, as they help to direct and channel the Qi throughout the body. Buddha Palm practices also pay special attention to meridian lines and acupressure points, which represent important pathways for working with energy.

One of the wonderful aspects about these practices is that they work with your body’s natural energy that is already waiting inside you. Although there’s certainly a place for medication and surgery, Buddha Palm can help practitioners avoid the use of many Western treatments that may otherwise be required. You can think of it as the practice of awakening your body’s true healing potential so you can enjoy your greatest expression of health and happiness.  

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use Buddha Palm to facilitate health and healing within your body, be on the lookout for an invitation to our upcoming Buddha Palm Training.