Romantic and sexual connection are two of the most powerful energies that a person may ever encounter. When activated, they can evoke some of our most profound physical, emotional, and spiritual awakenings.

Because of the powerful energies at play, sex and romance can bring us to the extremes of who we are. Love, anger, joy, and sadness can all be magnified and intensified through our experience of sexual energy. Therefore, it’s extremely important that we work skillfully with this energy to bring about the experiences we wish to cultivate.

This blog post will discuss how Taoist sexual practices can help you to cultivate love, intimacy, and strength within your romantic relationship.

Working With Sexual Energy

Have you ever been in a romantic relationship that was always 100% clear, simple, and positive? If so, you should probably teach the rest of us. For most people, sex and romance can bring great joy, as well as confusion or other unsettling experiences.

Why are romantic and sexual connections such an important part of who we are?

According to Taoist sages, our sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies within us. It exists at the essence of our physical being and has a strong effect on every part of us. We call this energy “Jing,” and it resides in our “Lower Tan Tien,” which is in the abdomen.

When we’re able to work with our Jing energy in a skillful way, it can circulate and nourish our entire being. In fact, Taoist sages saw sexual energy as an “elixir of life” that can be used to cultivate health throughout the entire body. We talked a lot about this in our previous blog post. This is an important part of Jing energy, but for now, we’ll continue discussing how it can be used to cultivate love and joy in your romantic relationship.

When worked with in a skillful way, Jing energy can be used to manifest the intentions you wish to cultivate with your romantic partner. Some of this happens automatically when you become intimate with someone you care about. However, there are specific practices that can help to elevate sexual and romantic connection to new heights.

Taoist wisdom teaches us how to tap into our Jing sexual energy on an energetic level. By learning how to attune your consciousness to your sexual energy, you become able to work with it, just as you work with Qi during one of Lee’s Qi Gong classes.

When Jing energy is activated, it has the potential to move and transform throughout your entire body. This means that you can feel your sexual energy come to life, and consciously move it up your spine and into your heart center. This brings an abundance of love and joy for yourself and your partner.

Working With Your Partner

The beautiful thing about this practice is that it can be shared with another person. If you practice with your romantic partner, you each can attune to one another and bring your energetic connection to a new level. You’ll also be able to work together to transform pure sexual energy into emotional intimacy and love.

You may already know that romantic and sexual enjoyment is largely based on harmonizing with the person you’re connecting with. Even in conversation, it’s easier to feel in sync when there’s a fluid flow of communication and understanding. Underlining all aspects of your romantic connection is the energetic harmonization of your Qi.

When Jing energy is circulated, it can bring physical, emotional, and even spiritual nourishment to the rest of your body. This is experienced within each individual in the form of health and vitality. Within a partnership, it’s experienced as love, joy, appreciation, and intimacy. Couples who work with Taoist sexual practices can carry these qualities into all aspects of their relationship.

How can sexual energy elevate your emotional or spiritual state?

Within each of us exist three important centers of energy. Our physical energy is in our Lower Tan Tien, emotional energy is in our heart Center (Middle Tan Tien), and spiritual energy is in our head or mind. These are referred to as “The Three Treasures.” Although they may seem to exist as separate kinds of energy, they are each constantly moving and transforming into one another. The common analogy is ice, water, and mist. Physical energy is more solid like ice. Emotional energy is fluid like water. Spiritual energy is almost ethereal like mist or water vapor. However, we can all look at nature and see that ice melts into water which evaporates into mist.

When we follow the wisdom of nature, we can work with our sexual energy to transform it into loving emotional energy and spiritual clarity.

Emotional connection and love are some of the most important elements of a good romantic relationship. Caring for your partner and feeling deeply cared for is essential for joy, love, and appreciation. However, sometimes our differences can create disharmonies and unpleasant emotional experiences.

While these situations may be confusing, Taoist sexual practices can help us to address these conflicts. Taoist sexual practices aren’t just related to the act of having sex. Rather, they are related to your entire system of energy, which includes emotional energy as well as sexual and spiritual energy. A skilled practitioner is aware of how these energies are constantly moving and transforming within them. By identifying and working with difficult emotions, it’s possible to restore harmony and create joy.

These practices also help individuals and partners to sublimate their energy to connect to the divine. By circulating sexual, emotional, and spiritual energy, practitioners can connect to their highest truth and purpose. Just as Qi Gong is already a powerful tool for your own personal life, Taoist sexual practices can help bring the same uplifting qualities to your romantic connections.

In relationships, sometimes both partners are equally interested in exploring what is possible. At other times, one person experiences curiosity and brings opportunities such as this back to their relationship. Both situations are normal and both have the potential for a deep and loving connection. However your relationship may be, these practices are sure to help you and your partner experience greater passion, connection, love, and joy together.

Pre-Recorded Taoist Sexual Secrets Workshop

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We call these Taoist sexual practices a “secret” because they’re not well understood by most people. In the online workshop, Lee demystifies one of the most powerful and important energies within us.

This pre-recorded workshop includes discussions about Taoist sexual wisdom, as well as specific practices. Although it teaches about Jing energy, this is not a sex workshop. All clothes are left on and sex is not included. Of course, the lessons and practices can be taken with you into whatever positive and enriching experiences you wish to create at home.

Sexuality and relationships can be one of life’s greatest sources of love, joy, and happiness. Click the banner below to learn more or start practicing today.