Spring is associated with the Wood Element in Chinese Medicine. Wood reminds us that nature is abundant with energy and new life. Spring is a good time to be creative, to use your imagination in new and innovative ways, to start a new project, to think outside the box, and to cultivate your unique expression of energy.

The Wood Element, Path of Creativity

You, like nature, were born to create. Creativity lights us up. It’s not just for the artists, musicians, and poets. If flow were riding the wave, creativity is your unique dance on it’s surface. Enter the flow, feel life coursing through you, and then, give it your own unique expression.

Nature is endlessly creative. Just notice the variety of flowers and plants, animals and birds, and fish and sea creatures. Witness the color of the sunset, be surprised by a rainbow in the sky, look up into the clear night sky and notice the billions of stars. If you pay attention, you’ll recognize the boundless creativity all around.

We were born with the power of creativity. Creativity leads to a happy, fulfilling life. Creativity is an expression of your uniqueness. It is an expression of your life’s purpose and why you are here.

Like nature, people are creative as well. Stroll through a museum and you witness the creative power of the human imagination. Creativity bends reality and gives it new shape. This new shape starts in the mind and manifests a new reality. Creativity recognizes that this world is fluid. It’s not static. It is a constant state of change. You shape that process of change as it flows through you with imagination and intent.

Creativity can shape the life you want to lead. Creativity helps us break free from our past conditioning, our limiting beliefs, and life’s stress. What is the masterpiece of your life?

The Useless Tree Story

There’s a great Taoist parable by master storyteller Chuang Tzu that speaks to cultivating your own uniqueness and letting go of all the “should’s” in your life and be your unique self.

***Useless Tree Video:

Spring is the time of growth and expansion. Nature is blooming, trees stretching their branches toward the sky, flowers opening to receive the light, and the birds are singing with the jubilance of newfound warmth.

At this time of year, people start going outside more and connecting to nature. Spring invites us to feel our own inner nature and how we are truly connected to the world around us.
Spring reminds us to move our bodies, to stretch, to release the stale and stagnant energy, and connect to the abundance of power within.

During this season, there is an invitation to soak up the sun, to breathe in the trees, to walk barefoot on the Earth, and to gaze up at the stars.

***Here’s a video about Grounding:


Everything in nature grows in spirals. Look at the way the branches and roots of the tree grow, witness a wave in the ocean, and the way seashell forms. Everything from your DNA to the orbiting planets move in spirals. Qi Gong, being a practice that mirrors the movements of nature, uses spiral movements to open the natural flow of energy in the body.

****Try this Qi Gong exercise:


True flexibility!

Qi Gong for Spring Course

At Holden QiGong, we’ve put together a special course, “Qi Gong for Spring.” In the course, Lee teaches us how to harness the gifts of Springtime through our Qi Gong practice. It’s a great way to welcome in the abundant energies or creativity and rebirth and can be practiced from the comfort of your own home. Click the link below for more information and to start learning today.